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  1. A

    Little Digger! G. Rosea (allegedly)

    Hey everyone! This will be my first post. Please don't roast me, I can't handle the heat. I am new to the hobby, got my first C. Versicolor around the beginning of last month. Since then, I have picked up a few others... one of which is a G. rosea (I think. was unlabeled and inexpensive...
  2. Ajbeardow

    Hi everyone!

    Thought I'd take a moment to say "hi" as a new member and new tarantula keeper. I've just started with two Acanthoscurria Geniculata slings from veteran member @Phil (thanks again mate). Super excited to be starting out in the hobby and being a part of the community. Thought I'd leave this...
  3. S

    Theraphosa stirmi husbandry, is it a beginner species? Also other beginner species.

    I am thinking of buying a tarantula and am not sure about which species to get, the theraphosa stirmi is very appealing to me but i do not really know the husbandry/tempermant, since i would like to handle it. another species that is coming to my mind is the arizona blonde. The GBB is cool as...
  4. martiannova

    New T Hobbyist :)!

    Hello! I'm a recent tarantula enthusiast from Fort Collins. I currently share a curly hair (Hemlock) and own a costa rican zebra (Buckeye). We also had a sling but lost her to dehydratyion, we believe. Any humidity/enclosure tips or links are really appreciated! I eventually want a mexican red...
  5. Sycohearted

    My First Tarantula! (B.Hamorii)

    Ahhhh, It feels so surreal making that title, I swear! I just thought I'd make a lil' thread like I do on my rodent forums for my new little buddy! I have been ethically researching Tarantulas since 2016 after remembering randomly one day that I used to watch "some crazy dude" named...
  6. Sycohearted

    My worst nightmare: Tarantula Gifted to me

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to the T-Community but I have been researching on and off for about 5+ years, And today I was thrusted into the community and...I'm a bit frustrated and stressed by it. I am a person who spends years researching and collecting supplies for an animal before getting it...
  7. trantula_vixxen_420

    sling feeding

    How often should or can I feed my sling? Its a p.cambridgei and has eaten every 2 days since I got it. Super quick to come and snatch a cricket everytime. Lord knows I wouldn't want to over feed or cause any issues or molding in the enclosure due to uneaten crickets.
  8. Mugsy


    Hi! I'm a newbie at this hobby and I've got a B. albiceps sling, any advice?
  9. I

    Monitoring B smithi when away from home

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but spent some time rigging up a raspberry pi with a camera and humidity/temp sensor so that I can keep an eye on my first T. Wrote a couple of python scripts to take a photo every minute, overlay the time/temperature and humidity (of the...
  10. Bertie88

    So nice to be here :-)

    Thanks to @Phil for recommending this as an alternative forum :-) Having had a scan through the site, I’d like to introduce myself and say hey! Having kept reptiles for many years I finally branched out into the world of tarantulas and more recently, scorpions. Though I kept a secret curly...
  11. B

    New and nervous!

    Hi from Colorado! I am the relatively new parent of greenbottle blue. She is my first ever T and I love her! I got her from a shop so I can't be sure how old she is but she's definitely still growing. I have gone from feeding her one cricket a week to two or three after her last molt and I just...
  12. M

    US Oklahoma Repticon

    I am hoping to pick up my fist tarantula this weekend at Repticon in OKC. This is my first time at a Reptile convention, and from what I understand it may be a smaller one. I am hoping they have at least a few vendors with Ts, but either way, the family and I should have fun checking out all...
  13. M

    Hello Tarantula Forum

    Hey everyone, my name is Matt. I am currently knee deep in research on purchasing my first tarantula. I have always wanted to keep one (I actually wanted to be an arachnologist as a kid), but between living with arachnophobic parents, and in residence halls in college it never seemed reasonable...
  14. John☆


    Hi! My name is John, I am greek and I live in Greece. I currently don't have any tarantulas but I'm really looking forward to obtaining one. I particularly like Brachypelma Hamorii , Acanthoscurria chacoana and Acanthoscurria geniculata. I am now learning some names, because I'm really fond of...
  15. spiderpaws


    Hi! I just signed up for tarantula forums, and I have five tarantulas currently (a. chalcodes, a. seemani, b. vagans, l. parahybana, and n. chromatus). I am looking into breeding tarantulas, and am researching everything possible for a successful pairing of avicularia avicularia (guyana pink...
  16. N

    *Stupid questions from a newbie*

    Soooo I've had my T for three days now... Yes, I know, that's too little time to start worrying like this. But still. Better soon than later :D Today I tried to give it a mealworm and it rejected it. I've seen that people say you should feed them when their abodmens look small, and honestly I...
  17. Matt Jones

    new to hobby

    Hi guys I'm matt and New to the hobby. I've wanted a T for many years but with the shear amount of different species available I've felt spoiled for choice. I haven't taken the decision lightly I've been watching YouTube videos for the past 2 years and reading the comments , With so much...