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Just ordered my first sling! I’m really excited to get into the hobby!
I ordered a brachypelma boehmei sling from Fear-not tarantulas
I spent the last few months doing research if anyone can give me some advice I may not have seen I’d greatly appreciate it
Hello, I Have over 15 baby Desert Hairy Scorpions. I was wondering if you were interested in a trade. I do NOT Scam, and always ensure live guarantee and quality.

I'm about to be moving soon and I can not take my tarantula with me. She is an unconfirmed female, about 4 years old, and 3-4 inches in length. She is in premoult, seeing as there is a bald spot on her abdomen and she has not eaten in months. I paid about $90 for her, her enclosure was $60. She will come with a glass enclosure with a water dish. A total of $150, so where should I sell her?
Try kijiji. I see tons of tarantulas for sale on that site.
Hi, there!
I am really interested in some Pandinus and Heterometrus species. Would you ship them to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
I see you have some small H petersii...
Best regards.
Hi, I am interested in your H. Chilensis. I would need it shipped to Olympia Wa 98513. Also, are you interested in any trades? I have some snakes and other tarantulas available thanks