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1st day on this forum, much bigger than i initially thought o_O.
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Stick around, new friend. It will be amazing how much you learn AND how fun it is!
I will definitely, i'm much better at finding my way around thankfully :) It's so fun and cool to see all these cool and amazing T's and learning about them! :D
Hey Matt I was told you might need a MM OBT. I am from Sacramento, CA
NukaMedia Exotics
NukaMedia Exotics
Hi unfortunately I do not actually need a MM OBT at the moment, however I do have some other species that I'm in search of. This is the current list of species that I'm looking for mature males of:

B. boehmei
C. versicolor
H. devamatha
I. mira
L. polycuspulatus
P. ultramarinus
P. sp. “Mascara”
P. sp. “Tigris”
P. atrichomatus
P. fasciata
P. metallica
P. regalis
P. striata
P. vittata
P. irminia