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  1. O

    Curly Hair stuck in molt

    Hello! My sling just molted this morning, and I’m wondering what I should do as their molt is attached slightly to their rump by their spinerettes. Do I wait longer or help out with some warm water on a Q-Tip? Thanks!
  2. L

    Is it the end for my dear Arwen? 17-year-old Rose T is motionless in molting position for 19 hours

    Last night I was VERY excited to discover that Arwen on her back in molt position (she has not eating in months, her joints looked exposed, bald patch etc... all signs pointed to molting) -- I set up a timelapse camera before I went to bed ---- but overnight she did not move - ok one leg moved a...
  3. R

    Greetings & requesting guidance!

    Hello everyone!! Just about a month and a half ago I got my first tarantula! I don’t believe I’m able to sex it yet, so I’ve decided it’s a girl named Morticia. Anyways she’s a pink toed tarantula and has the cutest little pink toes. Everything has seemed to be going well, but recently she...
  4. D

    Why isn't she eating OR molting??

    I live in Tucson, Arizona and I have an Aphonopelma Chalcodes and I've had her for about 6 months. The first 3 or 4 months her appetite was very strong and she was very active and would devour anything that gets in her pin. For the past 2 or 3 months, she hasn't eaten anything I feed her. I...
  5. D

    My pink toe won't molt

    I bought a pink toe that was eating fine for more than a month, but it stopped eventually and stayed in it's webbing. I thought it was going to molt, but it has been a few months of it staying in the webbing and not molting. Now suddenly it's searching around the tank looking for food I assume...
  6. S

    Pink Toe Feeding Question

    I've had a pink toe tarantula for almost 6 months now, and the only way he will eat is if his worm is placed in his web. He molted a couple weeks ago, and I had to clean out his web because he got too big for it. He hasn't started building a new web, and also won't eat. I've tried putting his...
  7. Arlo

    Shelob has molted and she is looking fabulous :)

    Remember when I was panicking about Shelob (T. Albo) not eating and webbing up the entrance of her burrow and you guys told me that I had no reason to worry and that she'd be molting soon? Guess what? You were right! Shelob molted on October 23rd and had her very first hornworm last night after...
  8. Arlo

    Tarantula not eating...?

    Hey, guys.I know, I know...tarantulas stop eating sometimes and that's OKAY. Bear with me. Shelob is my first and only tarantula and I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. The week I brought her home she had a mealworm, the second week she had a cricket. She has been refusing food for...
  9. TheFredricus

    Is my A. chalcodes sick?

    Hi guys, I really need some good advice. About half a year ago, I adopted an Aphonopelma chalcodes (assumably female) that was unfortunately maltreated by her previous owners. I noticed right away that her abdomen was very thin for her size, but she did eat a cricket after moving here. I also...
  10. amberroseknows

    Juvenile A. Seemani Hasn't Molted Yet (3 Months)

    Hello all, I may just be impatient, I'm hoping someone can help shed light (heh, "shed", get it, molt) on what's going on. Warning, long read. I just want to provide all the info. I purchased a small Costa Rican Stripe Knee (A. seemani) on 4.24.21 (legs stretched, she prolly only fills the...
  11. B

    G.pulchra first molt with me

    Woke up this morning to see my pulchra molting. First tarantula and first molt. So unsettling to see the first time because I immediately thought she was dead lol.
  12. U

    Tarantula in hide, Need to move cities

    Hey guys, so my Juvenile T (T. Albopilosus) went into her hide on the 14th Dec 2020, I assume to molt etc. the problem is I am planning on moving to a whole new city before the 16th of Jan , and I am taking a bus, the bus ride will be 24 Hours- I am hoping she comes out of her hide before then...
  13. glitchsixxle

    Strange Avicularia molting process...

    My A. purpurea has never been a webber in the slightest since i got it, I simply figured that it would start webbing once it finally needed to molt. (lol i was wrong) Anyway I found its shed skin clinging to the side of its leaning corkbark. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It appears ok I'm...
  14. V

    Pink Toe molt.... i need reassurance or advice

    Ok so, I've had my pink toe just under a year, she is my first. She was 17 months when I took her home so she is just over 2 years old now and this will be her second molt since I've had her. Her fist molt was only around 2 months after I got her and it was while I was away for a couple of...
  15. K

    Tarantula not drinking after molting

    Hello! Our tarantula molted for the first time on Feb 26th. Since then he’s pretty much stayed in the same place in his tank and rotates from side to side, up and down but hasn’t moved other than that. As far as we can tell he hasn’t had any of his water either. Is that normal? We thought he...
  16. NukaMedia Exotics

    Phormictopus auratus molt time-lapse

    Little time lapse video of my juvenile female P. auratus molting.
  17. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  18. D

    Is my tarantula molting or is it dead( please help)

    i just found out that my tarantula is upside down. It was fine around 3 hours ago. Leg span diagonal is around 7.5cm And body length 5cm Is it molting or has something happened The humidity inside the terranium was higher than usual (85-90%) Please let me know.
  19. Laurebai

    G. Pulchra Pre-molt or just living her best life?

    Hello all, relatively new to the hobby, got my first T about 18 months ago, but first time sling owner. I've got an adult striped-knee, and previously had a pink-toe who, unfortunately was lost to a molting accident, so I tend to get nervous around molts, especially any of my babies first one...
  20. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    My A. Chalcodes that I got last week and has been irritable is now molting standing up hidden in a corner. She did spin herself a molting web, but she is upright and not in any position to fully shed her exoskeleton. I leave in an hour for a trip to watch a relatives house and care for their...