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  1. V

    Pink Toe molt.... i need reassurance or advice

    Ok so, I've had my pink toe just under a year, she is my first. She was 17 months when I took her home so she is just over 2 years old now and this will be her second molt since I've had her. Her fist molt was only around 2 months after I got her and it was while I was away for a couple of...
  2. K

    Tarantula not drinking after molting

    Hello! Our tarantula molted for the first time on Feb 26th. Since then he’s pretty much stayed in the same place in his tank and rotates from side to side, up and down but hasn’t moved other than that. As far as we can tell he hasn’t had any of his water either. Is that normal? We thought he...
  3. Mvtt70

    Phormictopus auratus molt time-lapse

    Little time lapse video of my juvenile female P. auratus molting.
  4. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  5. D

    Is my tarantula molting or is it dead( please help)

    i just found out that my tarantula is upside down. It was fine around 3 hours ago. Leg span diagonal is around 7.5cm And body length 5cm Is it molting or has something happened The humidity inside the terranium was higher than usual (85-90%) Please let me know.
  6. Laurebai

    G. Pulchra Pre-molt or just living her best life?

    Hello all, relatively new to the hobby, got my first T about 18 months ago, but first time sling owner. I've got an adult striped-knee, and previously had a pink-toe who, unfortunately was lost to a molting accident, so I tend to get nervous around molts, especially any of my babies first one...
  7. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    My A. Chalcodes that I got last week and has been irritable is now molting standing up hidden in a corner. She did spin herself a molting web, but she is upright and not in any position to fully shed her exoskeleton. I leave in an hour for a trip to watch a relatives house and care for their...
  8. Zarshenyu

    Is my T has reach ultimate molting?

    Hello :) My B. Albopilosum just molt 4 hours ago. When i bought him, the seller said that he is a big juvenile, size around 7cm. But i still bought it. I know that male tarantula tend to have shorter life span. After his molt, I measured his old skin. And his DLS is about 11cm (photos...
  9. G

    Brachypelma Albopilosum Not Eating

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum so please leave any comments if I am doing anything wrong. I purchased a Curly hair Tarantula sling around the beginning of January, I have fed her twice since then with two Blatta Lateralis (Turk Roaches), she ate perfectly both times, after that she...
  10. Zarshenyu

    Should i change the enclo?

    Hello. I have a juvenile male B. Albo. Now i think he's about to molt because his abdomen is pretty bald. Should i change the enclosure before his molt? I'm afraid that he would get stuck because the wrong size of the enclo. The size of enclosure Long: 18 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 8 cm. Thank...
  11. C

    2 Legs Lost

    So my Chaco Golden Knee was bought by us with 2 missing legs but we didn't notice until recently. After calling the petstore, they assures us the legs would grow back after a couple of molts, usable buy smaller. I believed that and other owners saying it was no big deal, but I recently went to...
  12. Raxi

    Pre-molt questions!

    Hi! My brachypelma hamorii has been in pre-molt for almost two months. She has molted two times with me, and on both times she molted pretty quickly after the first 'symptoms'. She's my first T, so I just want to know that is this normal? And I'm sure she's in pre-molt because she's hiding all...
  13. C

    Worried About My Tarantula

    Hey, so I'm a new owner of a Chaco Golden Knee, Goldie, who I've had for about a month now. Since I'm new to tarantula keeping, I may say some wrong things and I apologize. The problem I have is that we have a small piece of bark, maybe about 3x4 inches, with a small hole on top. About 2 weeks...
  14. Cavity

    Molted but hasn't come out if webbing?

    Hi, im still fairly new with tarantulas and this is my first molting experience and im a little worried my t isnt okay. My pink toe started her webbing sept. 12 and completely shedded her old exoskeloton Nov. 3 but still hasnt come out of her cocoon... is this okay? She's been in her web...
  15. Cavity

    Is my Avic in Premolt?

    Im fairly new to owning a T, approximately 2-3months since I first got her. Shes started to enclose herself in a web and im wondering if shes building a "cocoon" to molt in, there's no opening in her webbing from what I can see. What do you guys think?
  16. W

    my t is still in pre molt

    hi all my Brazilian giant white knee is still in pre molt she as now been in pre molt for 3 weeks and no sine of her going in to molting on her back she just sits in one area and doe nothing all my others have molted but she is my first Brazilian anyone have any hints on how long this species...