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Intro+surf-n-turf of implored help!


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Hello guys, the name is Renee. I have been a tarantula keeper now for I don’t know maybe 10 years since my son decided to rescue who we called “grandpa”, a beautiful Grammostola Portieri. As I was nervously searched how to care for a tarantula and read a thousand different threads we found a comfort zone that kept everyone happy for about 6+ years! He was actually really cool to watch so long as the lid prevented any attempted escapes. Then one day, on my way home from work I stopped for feeders. I was instantly captured by the fuzziest cutest almost cuddly looking little T Albopilosus!
(Never thought those would be choice description words of a spider let alone a T!) we connected on a deep curly hair level, so home *she came. If I wasn’t panicked about her current situation, I would fill you in right now of our adventures. Let’s save it for another post. I’m here because I don’t know if she is molting or trying to prevent a death curl. And is like some second opinions. Answers to the first set of common questions are as followed. He had only ever molted 1 time in our 3 years, he is on store bought roaches and crickets for diet. Yes he’s watered. No he hasn’t refused food recently. To me it looks like an attempt to stop a death curl by balling up the mound he made . Idk what to do I’m starting to panic someone please help!


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Hello and welcome. :)
It's not unusual for an adult T to go 3 years without a moult and T Albopilosus are known for digging and moving earth around.
Do you have any clear photos of him/her showing the front legs and pedipalps so we might be able to sex it for you? A mature male will have hooks on the underside of front legs and the pedipalps will look as though he has boxing gloves on.

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