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mature male

  1. M

    Is my T dead or just molting?

    My bf saw him on his back in this state and thought he was dead. I rushed over and nudged him with my tongs. He bit the tongs and then flipped onto his belly. I realized that I had interrupted his molting and flipped him back over but he's been in this position, twitching ever since and it's...
  2. goldenpumpkin

    What happens once MM goes 100% bald?

    I've now had my mature male, Benny, for just shy of 2 years! \( ⁀▽⁀ )/He was already mature when I got him, and for about the past year or so he's been very slowly and gradually losing more and more hairs, which is to be expected of course, but now that the top of his abdomen is getting pretty...
  3. LeoGeo

    P Regalis MM Available (MD)

    Hi everyone. Had a P Regalis molt out today and can see the emboli white and red on the pedipalp. I’ve never shipped a tarantula (imported some myself from China with DNR approval…) so I’m a little nervous. If anyone is in the area, I’m happy to swap for a couple PRegalis slings coming from a...
  4. H

    Avicularia Juruensis - Mature Male

    Hey everyone, I have a avicularia juruensis who has officially matured and I'm wondering if there are any breeders out there who would like to pair their female with my male before he dies of old age. The only thing I ask in return would be one of his babies if the pairing is successful.
  5. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    Mature male dorsal shot showing eyepatches and colors
  6. H

    My T is barely eating and abdomen is shrinking

    Hello, I have a mature male Salmon Pink, he’s been with me for a while now and he’s my first T. He had his ultimate molt a little while ago now, I would say 3 months, maybe. And I’ve noticed he barely eats, which is normal as I understand male T’s stop or slow down eating after maturity...
  7. MadeItWorse

    US ISO MM or Sexed Male Pumpkin Patch

    Hi there! After months of lurking on this site and seeing how responsive and polite people on here are, I decided to jump in! I’m looking for a Pumpkin Patch male (H. Sp. “Colombia”) for my spicy but fun MF. I’m more interested in buying the male outright, just because I am inexperienced with...
  8. the.rapho.sidae

    MM ornithoctonus aureotibialis looking for a lady friend!

    Hey all, my boy matured around the 12th of this month, and I was hoping to send him out to a MF maybe in exchange for half a sac? This is my first time doing this. No charge for the male, receiver pays shipping and I'd pay for the shipping back when the sac hatches, the male is yours to pass...
  9. MartyMcFly

    MM Versacolor looking to send her to a MF for pairing project.

    My MM just made his sperm web and is currently loading his palps. I'd like to pair him with someone's MF and hopefully make some slings. If anyone's interested that would be awesome, I'd pair for shipping of the male and some of the slings in return for the male. We can work out the details.
  10. goldenpumpkin

    Question about vibrating?

    Hi all! So I've searched around and haven't found anything like what's happening with my tarantula. Basically my mature male has been vibrating often, for a while now. I'm not referring to just the shaky movements that come with old age, nor a "happy dance", nor drumming his pedipalps to a...
  11. DevinsCreatures

    US MM Avicularia sp. Colombia

    This boy decided that he needed to mature early. He is very fresh. Avicularia sp. Colombia — $50 + shipping Terms/Conditions— FedEx overnight shipping exclusively, will not ship if the weather is bad. Please message me for direct shipping quotes. Local pickup is available for those in the NH...
  12. T

    U.K. Poecilotheria Metallica MATURE MALE for sale £70 + £10 P&P Wilts, UK

    MM P. Metallica for sale. Matured in November, I've been trying get a female but they are rather rare at the moment and I do need the space. It will be sad to see him go as he's been great fun to raise up. I have been insanely lucky with getting females but I guess you can't win them all...
  13. goldenpumpkin

    "Mild" threat posture, or just hovering legs?

    So to give y'all some background information, my tarantula's personality is very docile, and he doesn't kick hairs, slap the ground, bite, etc when startled, but rather he responds to getting startled by either flinching, hiding under his legs, or at most a small bolt. Well, as @Arachnoclown...
  14. goldenpumpkin

    MM occasionally rests in partial death curl despite otherwise acting healthy?

    Hello all, so it seems like my mature male occasionally likes to just chill with a couple legs tucked under himself in what looks like a partial death curl. I've seen him do this twice in the 2 weeks that I've had him, and when he's not doing this he appears to act perfectly normal. So my...
  15. goldenpumpkin

    Does a sperm web mean it's close to the end?

    Hey all, so I originally tried arachnoboards but left after a day because of the toxicity, so I'm hoping the people here are more decent. Worth a shot, eh? :) As the title implies, my MM just made a sperm web. Does this mean he'll die soon if I don't find him a female ASAP? Thanks in advance...
  16. I

    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens mature male looking for his female!

    I have a mature male Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens looking for his lady in or near the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I would much rather hand him off in person vs send him by mail. I have never sent a T by mail so I am rather reluctant. If anyone is interested, please send me a message! Thank you!
  17. Mephala

    MM G. pulchripes

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the hobby and have a mature male G. pulchripes that was sold to me as female, but his last molt was yesterday. I don't want to watch him waste away this next year, so I was wondering if anyone has a mature female Chaco and would be willing to take him.
  18. A

    Looking for someone willing to take my newly matured male T. albo!!

    Hello all, so I have just discovered that my T. albo, Bobby, has hooked out! I would really like to send him to someone willing to breed him, and would be willing to send for free (as long as you pay shipping). Not interested in a breeding loan as I don't have the space for anymore T's atm, but...
  19. Scubasteve

    US MM D. diamantinensis For Sale

    MM D. diamantinensis For Sale Asking $125 + shipping costs. I’m looking for outright only at this time. Date of ultimate molt: February 6, 2021 Shipping/Terms of Service (TOS): • Fed Ex Priority Overnight shipping only – Price To-Be-Determined (will depend upon your zip code). LAG (Live...
  20. 20200805_184659.jpg


    My newest addition! A fresh MM G. pulchra. Hoping to produce lots of babies with this guy!