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  • Scored a couple of phidippus tux!

    Not easy at all to find. Small, likes an annoying habitat type, low in population density. Seems even rarer than aureus.
    Just noticed a freaking hovering fruitfly in my culture. Now i have to start all over again. That's SO ANNOYING. I made SURE no wild melanogaster got in there.

    Looks like i wont be buying them from pet stores ever again...
    *sigh* if you want me to hold stuff for you, FREAKING ASK ME. dont get all whiny 'cause someone else beat you to it before you could decide.

    All you gotta do is ASK. i never hold by default, that's ridiculous and counterintuitive from a business standpoint :p
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    Casey K.
    Casey K.
    I know that's right.....especially when you have "window shoppers". If you're not serious about a purchase, please don't inquire. It's a waste of everyone's time. Your time, my time and a potential buyers time. It gets old.
    Window shoppers dont bother me TOO much, they're okay.. annoying but at least they just like to look around.. sometimes those guys end up being good customers.
    It's the malicious ones literally attempting to interfere with business that annoy me.
    Well then, it seems i WILL have CB solifuge nymphs available after all!

    Might have some eremocosta striata nymphs very soon, too! Enjoy a solifuge for MORE than a year! ;)
    Sorry if i annoyed you guys alot over the years.. i was badly depressed back then and didnt eat right and i had the donkey brains. I was a loose cannon and lacked the mental capacity to control myself.

    I take better care of myself now and i have immense love for all of you. Even those that hate me- I LOVE YOU.
    Solifugae? In my backyard?
    Casey K.
    Casey K.
    Send some my way! ;)
    I will be focusing on breeding solifugae for a while, probably. I've been observing them and studying their behavior and I'm understanding their little quirks.
    I'll mostly be selecting larger species like Eremocosta and slant faced solifugae.
    If you want native californian stuff, better get it from me while you still can, because i'm permanently leaving the state, soon.. I will no longer have access to many species i previously had. It will become primarily arizonian species.
    Working out rocks, i wish i got hooked on this earlier, but i was too depressed thanks to all the miserable sad-sacks in my life.

    I have pecs now :D
    We had a family emergency a few days ago and im still resting after a bunch of hard work so i'm really slow to reply, sorry if ive yet to reply i just need to take it easy for a week or so.

    sorry again.
    I love you all, even you knuckleheads tryna game me, i love you too. Love is so much better than hate.
    Hello, hey bro, can you pass me the link of your sales website? or send me a private message I would like to buy you some arachnids
    speaking seriously
    Casey K.
    Casey K.
    Speak the truth! I have been working on my anger/hatred as of late and I must say that positive energy is so much better than negative energy. :)
    It takes a particular sort of masochist to become obsessed with solifugae.

    *whips self on back 40 times*
    sorry if i take a while to get back to any of you, I'm off on another trip and should return approx. mon morning or so.
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