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  • Olios giganteus i3 slings
    That's a cool picture!
    i love how she ripped the sac open so i can see inside.
  • Olios giganteus
    Giant Crab Spider! We have these all over the house. Had a clutch hatch in my bathroom, collected 18 babies.
  • Olios giganteus i3 slings
    That's a cool picture!
  • Caribena versicolor phantom sac
    Wild caught maybe? Or perhaps she was paired prior to you getting her somehow? It's still something cool to see. :) I'm always optimistic when it comes to egg sacs, lol.....call me weird. Hahahaha.
  • Exo pending analysis
    Congrats!!! Question? Is there anyways to soften the skin after a molt. Mine was hiding in some webbing, and it seems very dry (& fragile) to the touch. I saved it but it’s delicate since it was in the enclosure for such a long time. I was curious to know the sex of my other T.

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