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mature male

  1. D

    US 3 MM tarantulas for breeding

    Wasn't exactly sure where in the forum to post this. I have three mature male tarantulas of the following species. I am looking for breeding opportunities for them. Let me know if you can help. Dates listed are the dates they matured. Avicularia Avicularia 9/10/19 Hapalopus sp. columbia 1/27/20...
  2. Scubasteve

    US MM B. hamorii

    I’m looking for a mature male Brachypelma hamorri. I’m looking to purchase outright, but am flexible if you have something else in mind. To help make the process a little smoother, please PM me the following items: Asking price / loan proposal Zip code you’ll be shipping from Date of ultimate...
  3. F

    US Selling mainly suspect males and MMs - multiple species!

    Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to cut down my collection and shift to more reptile-focused breeding projects. Here’s a small list of suspect males and one mature male I have for sale: - MM H. chilensis - just molted into a mature male on 11/26 - would make a great addition for anyone looking to...
  4. martiannova

    Grammostola Pulchra MM

    Hi, I'm looking to pair my MM g pulchra, hopefully with an experienced hobbyist. He's been paired once before I owned him, he matured about a year ago. I'm looking for model contracts, general advice (what if he gets eaten), etc.
  5. M

    US MM Pternocilus Murinus (OBT)

    I've got a MM OBT looking for a breeding loan.
  6. JoeDeath

    US WTB MM A. Rufa

    Hello everyone I’m looking for a MM Avicularia Rufa also looking for Neoholothele Fasciaaurinigra I have a female also waiting for a male please let me know thanks Joe
  7. S

    US Want to buy: Harpactira pulchripes

    Looking for a Mature Male Harpactira pulchripes. Please PM with pricing along with mature date and sperm web dates. Thanks!
  8. Vial Creatures

    US FREE SHIPPING mm/mf/slings

    VIAL CREATURES ::of the Hairy Mob District:: Freebie Options Pumpkin Patch || P regalis FREE SHIPPING @ $75 and up. Place your order by 6.13.18 Not to discriminate, though some restrictions MAY apply to zip codes beginning with 33-34, 75-79, 85-92. Please inquire...
  9. Gunnies Spiders

    US MM Versi!!! Big guy for sale!

    Selling a MM versi. Biggest versi male I’ve ever seen! 6” Matured three months ago and still pacing around for the ladies. I already bred him with my females and they are done with him lol so if anyone wants to buy him... hit me up!! $140 shipped !! US only Text me anytime 3617013242
  10. StickyStein

    US Looking for MM G Pulchripes and MM GBB

    I live in Missouri but will pay for shipping with LAG
  11. AntrozousPallidus12

    US MM Aphonopelma seemanni available (local pickup/delivery only)

    Hello, I have a mature male Aphonopelma seemanni available for breeding. He just recently came out of his final molt and made his sperm tent. Local pickup or delivery only (Western Mass). Thank you.