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US MM D. diamantinensis For Sale


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MM D. diamantinensis For Sale

Asking $125 + shipping costs. I’m looking for outright only at this time.

Date of ultimate molt: February 6, 2021

Shipping/Terms of Service (TOS):

• Fed Ex Priority Overnight shipping only – Price To-Be-Determined (will depend upon your zip code). LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee) included (see below).
• Shipping days are Monday-Wednesday
• Sales are limited to responsible parties over the age of 18.
• I reserve the right to hold shipments until temperatures/conditions are safe. I will remain in contact throughout and will mutually agree upon a ship date.
• PayPal is the only accepted form of payment at this time.
• Orders can be held for pick-up at your local FedEx Ship Center. Please keep in mind, though, that the Ship Center MUST allow live animals to be held for pickup. FedEx offices at Walgreens or Office Depot, for example, and even FedEx Office Print & Ship Center locations do NOT allow Live Animals to be held for pickup. Please contact me for the FedEx Ship Center closest to you that DOES accept live animals for pickup.

Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) when the following conditions are met:

• If temperatures in your area are no higher than 90 degrees and no lower than 32 degrees. I will use heat packs and cold packs, when required, at no additional charge. If heat or cold packs are being used, the shipment will be held for pick up at a local Fed Ex facility.
• If heat packs are being used, you must unpack your order and remove the heat pack within 4 hours after the package is available for pick up. Any issues/DOAs must be reported to me within this 4 hour window when heat packs are being used with shipment.
• The package must arrive the day after departure (Example: Package leaves Monday and arrives Tuesday).
• In the winter, keep in mind that snow may result in a carrier delay, even if the snow is in a city along the route of your package. I am not responsible for carrier delays resulting in a DOA.
• In the event of a DOA, a photo of the specimen must be provided with the specimen cut in half, or a pin through the abdomen. In lieu of a photo, the deceased specimen may also be shipped back to me within 24 hours of receiving the package, at the purchaser’s expense. If one of the criteria mentioned above are met, a refund will be given for the purchase price of the specimen (this does not include shipping).

Additional information can be provided upon request.

PM me if you or someone you know is interested.




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