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  1. M

    Can someone identify this species?

    So I bought a grammostola porteri at a reptile expo,(which was only my 4th tarantula ever) and surprised got two free tarantula slings. 1 was a grammostola pulchripes, and 1 of them doesn't have a species name on it so I need some help. I know the photo is bad, but that was the best one I could...
  2. C

    US Phidippus audax slings i5-i6

    Hey people! I am not normally a seller, so I don't need a profit, I just want to make back approx what I put into this. I found a P audax on my car in/at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. She was gravid and I ended up with 3 sacs of babies. I am currently in Oklahoma City for the summer and really want to...
  3. Oredhel

    Slings feeding

    Hello everyone! Just sharing videos of my first four slings from yesterdays feeding. I'm getting my first GBB sling next month. I love that species. Any advice?
  4. Oredhel


    Hello everyone! I need some advide: Since the last molt my Grammostola pulchripes filled her hide with substrate and spend almost all day on the top of the enclosure. Is that normal? Should i let her be or do something about it? I don't want to annoy her, but i've seen her legs and fangs coming...
  5. Oredhel

    Arboreal help

    Hello everyone! I want to begin with arboreal tarantulas and rn i can buy either an Avicularia aurantiaca or Heteroscodra maculata slings. I've found some info and videos about de H maculata but i have no idea about that Avicularia. I'm a beginner so i'm not sure about gettin an OW but that...
  6. T

    U.K. Psalmopoeus irminia - 1-2cm DLS

    Psalmopoeus irminia - 1-2cm DLS £4 each + P&P £10 Deals for bulk please send DM. Mother. Shipping Only posting within the United Kingdom. All orders will be sent via RMSD (Royal mail special delivery) to arrive before 1PM at a charge of £10. Please make sure someone is there to...
  7. JaiTarantula

    2 Months and 1 Molt later!!!

  8. D

    US Adult female p Metallica needs new home

    1.2 Poeciolotheria Metallica 400$ (1female is Gravid) take the trio for $800 0.4 Psalmopeous Esmeraldus $200ea 1” chromatopelma cyaneoupubesence $25ea .75” eauthlus truculentus blue $70ea .75” eauthlus Valparaiso $55ea Payments thru PayPal. TOS: must pick up at fedex location. If...
  9. JaiTarantula

    Are my slings in Pre-Molt?

    Hi guys I've had T's for a long time but only from Juvie stage. I'd decided to have a shot at raising slings. I just need your guys opinions on whether there in premolt or not. Cheers Guys Jai :)
  10. Homalonychus theologus CBCB slings

    Homalonychus theologus CBCB slings

    Juvenile homalonychus remain in a 'créche' for quite some time- at least 2 years. ive seen much older slings around i5 still hanging together in clusters in the wild- i'll suddenly see a bunch of eyeshine around a rodent burrow and it'll be 20 of these guys
  11. olios giganteus

    olios giganteus

    i3 sling over finger for scale
  12. Olios giganteus with spiderling

    Olios giganteus with spiderling

    She was not happy with my intrusion at all. i had my thumb peaking over the rim and she was about to bite me. cool part is you can just give her a huge prey item and she'll feed the bebes
  13. NukaMedia Exotics

    Monocentropous balfouri “Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula” Communal Rehousing!

    New video upload! Monocentropous balfouri “Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula” Communal Rehousing!
  14. MartyMcFly

    MM Versacolor looking to send her to a MF for pairing project.

    My MM just made his sperm web and is currently loading his palps. I'd like to pair him with someone's MF and hopefully make some slings. If anyone's interested that would be awesome, I'd pair for shipping of the male and some of the slings in return for the male. We can work out the details.
  15. NukaMedia Exotics

    US New Tarantulas Available! (Ships within USA, Live/Healthy Guaranteed!)

    SEE MY REVIEWS AT WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NUKAMEDIATARANTULAS High Quality Captive-Bred Tarantulas! Shipping within the continental USA! Lowest pricing and healthy animals guaranteed! I offer price matching for most tarantulas, simply show me any current ad from another reputable USA tarantula vendor...
  16. Theraphosidae prison gang

    Theraphosidae prison gang

    M balfouri communal #2 - the little guys
  17. Versicolor sac is lit

    Versicolor sac is lit

    Looks like these guys are ready for a rehouse
  18. 26147533971_2dfb6427bd_b.jpg


    Honestly I've never liked houseflies. But now that I have my little baby arachnids, I welcome them. I give them to the kids. They really enjoy their food.
  19. octanejunkie

    US Slings and things

    UNSEXED Avicularia avicularia "Guyana pinktoe" slings 3/4-1" $25 each Caribena versicolor "Antilles pinktoe" slings 1/2-3/4" $40 each Caribena versicolor bigger slings 1"+ $60 each GBB (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) 4"+ juveniles, $175 each Harpactira pulchripes "golden blue-legged baboon"...
  20. T

    Sling Premolt

    Hey guys! Can anybody tell the difference between a really stuffed sling and one in premolt? Here is my new 3rd instar (I’m assuming) P. sazimai that a few days ago, ate half a mealworm and a huge Dubia drumstick within 24 hours. Premolt or just stuffed??