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  • Hey Matt I was told you might need a MM OBT. I am from Sacramento, CA
    NukaMedia Exotics
    NukaMedia Exotics
    Hi unfortunately I do not actually need a MM OBT at the moment, however I do have some other species that I'm in search of. This is the current list of species that I'm looking for mature males of:

    B. boehmei
    C. versicolor
    H. devamatha
    I. mira
    L. polycuspulatus
    P. ultramarinus
    P. sp. “Mascara”
    P. sp. “Tigris”
    P. atrichomatus
    P. fasciata
    P. metallica
    P. regalis
    P. striata
    P. vittata
    P. irminia
    Hey Matt! Checking in pronto! My job took me out of town to Utah, semi-emergency and at a moments notice....anyway, I can pack your Ts tonight and ship Express tomorrow for Saturday arrival if you're available to accept them when they arrive. I'm covering shipping. Hopefully you can PM me within the next two hours, because I've go to drive out to where my Ts are 50 miles away to pack them.
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