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  1. FrmDaLeftCoast

    Good Morning from Bakersfield, CA

    Good Morning from Bakersfield, CA. My name is Fernando... Due to YouTube and some uploads featuring T's watering and feeding. I've gotten the urge to join the T world community. I never thought of owning a T. In all honesty I assumed I couldn't afford to purchase or maintain one. Yet once I...
  2. J

    First Tartulas, need your experienced advice and opinion.

    So, I have decided to become a tarantula collector. I have done my research and learned all the scientific denominations and differences between Ts and how to keep them ( humidity, temperature, sling care, feeding, molting...). I have checked my surroundings and made sure I have everything I...
  3. Gunnies Spiders

    US AFs C.Perezmilesi,H.Sp Klein,Versi,slings etc!

    For sale: A Few Gems! AF Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 2” 3 years old. Recently molted female in pic! $125 (2 others available) AF Hapalopus Sp Klein 2.5” 3+ years old...Max size! $100 (2 available) Caribeña Versicolor 1.75” Unsexed...Nice sized! Awesome colors $55 Limited Supply!!! Not...
  4. Greenbay1

    G. pulchra slings

    I just saw this morning on KC Tarantula's Discord channel an explanation for the great influx of G. pulchra slings. One of the members from South America said that 1000 egg sacs were smuggled out to Europe. They were concerned because it depletes the wild population. They were also concerned...
  5. Gunnies Spiders

    US Slings!!!! Slings packs!! Dubias!!

    UNSEXED SLINGS: Brachypelma Albopilosum .5"+ (Hobby form) $12 Caribena Versicolor 1" $25 or 3/$60 Ceratogyrus Marshalli 3/4" $15 Sale! or 3/$30 Davus Fasciatus 1" $30 (Limited!) Hapalopus Sp. Columbia (Lg) .5" Well started for this species! $15 Sale! Haplocosmia Himalayana 3/4"...