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US SALE – downsizing collection! Well established beginner tarantula Slings and Juvenile Female

Lady J

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Bronx, NY
Hi everybody, I’m downsizing due to space issues, this is what I have left available

Juvenile Female
Brachypelma Albopilosum 3” x1 $30

Brachypelma Sabulosum 1.50” x 1 $40

Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescenes 1.50” x1 $50

Grammostola Rosea (red color form) 1.50” x1 $50

beginner package deal $200
*includes the following*
all 3 slings listed above, and the juvenile female
4 enclosures
substrate for each enclosure
décor for each enclosure

All prices are negotiable. If you’re not purchasing the package deal I can provide an enclosure with decor and substrate if needed for an additional fee of $10 per sling, $15 for the juvenile female. See contact info and terms of service below

Contact Information
send me a private message if interested or if you have questions, wish to see pictures, etc. You can also email me at [email protected]

I am aware of the laws in NYC, I am not a breeder or a mill. The tarantulas I have are ALL personal pets, laws regarding American species of tarantulas are not enforced for private ownership. Please do not flood my thread with such posts. If any of my listed species are not re-homed than I will continue being their care provider.

Terms of Service
I accept paypal as a form of payment. If buyer uses paypal credit the buyer is responsible for the transaction fees. Live on arrival guarantee with overnight shipping, I am not responsible for death with longer shipping times. Refunds are only acceptable if there is death upon arrival with overnight shipping. Should death occur upon arrival the buyer is responsible for sending me a photo with a pin through the animal as proof of death on the day of arrival, longer than that will not be accepted. Mishandling during a transfer resulting in death of animal is not considered death upon arrival. Refund does not include shipping service, only the price of the animal. Buyer may choose between overnight delivery and priority 2 day. Shipping prices will vary depending on location, please PM me for a shipping quote. I will only ship when weather conditions are reasonable.
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Casey K.

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Not relevant to the thread, why post and rat someone out? Use pm next time.

Am I missing something? I assumed there was a pun intended when "5 burrows" was mentioned... I'm only trying to educate myself is why I ask. I am not trying to troll this thread so the response can be given to me directly via pm.

Thank you.
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