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  1. S

    US Tarantula T. Albopilosum 4 inches for Sale

    Hello, I unfortunately have to sell my female Tlitlocatl Albopilosum (4 inches) for personal reasons. I would be really happy if she finds a good new owner and therefore don’t really have a fixed price for her. If interested and if you want to have photos please reply or write me a message.
  2. Mvtt70

    New website, YT channel, FB page and more...

    Just wanted to share my new website I created for T sales, as well as a YT channel and other social medias with a lot of stuff up and coming. Feel free to check it out, thanks. Also doing website work for any other sellers who'd like a better one made. New T Sales List Website...
  3. Lady J

    US SALE – downsizing collection! Well established beginner tarantula Slings and Juvenile Female

    Hi everybody, I’m downsizing due to space issues, this is what I have left available Juvenile Female Brachypelma Albopilosum 3” x1 $30 Slings Brachypelma Sabulosum 1.50” x 1 $40 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescenes 1.50” x1 $50 Grammostola Rosea (red color form) 1.50” x1 $50 beginner package...
  4. B

    US Large CA Trapdoor

    I'm at 6300 feet in the Sierra Nevada's and I found a real nice one hanging out on my floor after a heavy rain storm. What is the going value on one these beauties? Body is about 1.25, around 2.25 total. Thanks for any advice in advance!
  5. FrmDaLeftCoast

    Seven Wonders-ful Experience

    Hey everyone...new to the Hobby and as you can guess, was extremely nervous...second guessing myself on this and that. Yet I'm sure am glad I pulled the trigger and made my 1st purchase thanks to Seven Wonders Reptile. I'll be honest my plan was to buy a single sling from Jamie's Tarantulas...
  6. Amblypygi

    US Northern Scorpion - Paruroctonus boreus | Wholesale pricing!

    WC Paruroctonus boreus for sale, most are 1"-1.5". I've had them for a while and they've been eating great. Small quantities are $10 each - please contact me for wholesale/bulk discounts Terms: $30 minimum order; $20 for 2-day shipping ; LAG is available for overnight shipping only (price...