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Seven Wonders-ful Experience

Hey everyone...new to the Hobby and as you can guess, was extremely nervous...second guessing myself on this and that. Yet I'm sure am glad I pulled the trigger and made my 1st purchase thanks to Seven Wonders Reptile. I'll be honest my plan was to buy a single sling from Jamie's Tarantulas. Unfortunately her website was down for a few days. Everything happens for a reason! Seven Wonders had some great prices, located near me (California) and had positive reviews. I originally ordered 3 slings. Yet he had a great deal on some smaller slings. Asked him about them and he gave me an excellent price. Not only that. He also sent me 2 freebies! For a total of 8 slings! Communication was legit, price was amazing, shipping was perfect and the T's look awesome!

I would highly recommend him and will be calling him for more T's once I'm out of the beginner stage. LoL.