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  1. O

    New Avicularia avicularia

    The name is Princess Peach. The cutest new member of the family
  2. Leepbby

    C. fimbriatus just Died!

    I am at a loss. My juvienile female C. fimbriatus aka violet earth tiger tarantula went down into her burrow 4 days ago right after she had her meal and just died. I'm completely at a loss as to what might have happened. She was a voracious eater very active and as far as I could tell the only...
  3. L giannisposatoi

    L giannisposatoi

    Beautiful OW fossorial that not many people know of. The whole genus is amazing IMO.
  4. Gbb


    F O O T
  5. Gbb


    Going from sling to adult colors
  6. Y diversipes juvenile, flexing

    Y diversipes juvenile, flexing

    Ybyrapora diversipes, used to be Avicularia diversipes, out and about for a walk. Sad to know these colors will fade as it matures but that's life.
  7. P murinus

    P murinus

    Munchy munchy
  8. A carapace not only a mother could love

    A carapace not only a mother could love

    Tlitocatl albopilosus juvenile male and a stunningly golden carapace
  9. Arlo

    Ungoliant, my new Grammostola Pulchra!

    Here she is! I picked her up on Monday and she is so so so tiny, which I definitely wasn't expecting. I'll have to wait a couple moults before moving her into the exoterra enclosure I bought. I can't wait for her to grow and turn black
  10. Arlo

    How old is my 3" T. Albo?

    I have just realized I'm not really sure how old my Tliltocatl Albopilosus is. I got her in September as a 2.5" - 3" juvenile (or maybe sub-adult?), and now after one molt she is around 3.5". Is there a way to tell how old she is? I'm sure their growth rate depends on many different factors, but...
  11. Hysterocrates gigas

    Hysterocrates gigas

  12. amberroseknows

    Juvenile A. Seemani Hasn't Molted Yet (3 Months)

    Hello all, I may just be impatient, I'm hoping someone can help shed light (heh, "shed", get it, molt) on what's going on. Warning, long read. I just want to provide all the info. I purchased a small Costa Rican Stripe Knee (A. seemani) on 4.24.21 (legs stretched, she prolly only fills the...
  13. Waiter, can I get a clean glass... one without all this substrate in it?

    Waiter, can I get a clean glass... one without all this substrate in it?

    H pulchripes juvenile doing the dishes
  14. Jes

    What sex is my GBB? And is this a gbb spermathecae?

    Hi everyone! Can any body tell the sex of my gbb from this exuv? I read that gbb's spermatecae are usually smaller than other SPs and I haven't seen a gbb spermathecae ever so I am not sure if this is a male or a female .. I got him/her last july at around 2cm. After 6 molts, he/she is now...
  15. L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female measuring around 3” DLS.
  16. E

    B. Albiceps or not?

    The seller told me that it's a B. Albicep and the reason why the caraphase is black is because it's on pre-molt. So yesterday it molted already but still it has a black caraphase. Any thoughts about it? I can't find any info if it's normal for it to have a black caraphase at it's juvy stage.
  17. N coloratovillosus portrait

    N coloratovillosus portrait

    Just settling in
  18. Ahoy maties!

    Ahoy maties!

    An exo-terra for my acanthoscurria musculosa juvenile. She was 5cm at the time she arrived.
  19. NukaMedia Exotics

    Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Bronze" Rehouse Video

    Quick video of me rehousing my juvenile female P. auratus into her new enclosure. One of my favorite species, check it out:D
  20. G

    US Kukulcania hibernalis female juveniles

    I am looking for Kukulcania hibernalis, my hopes would be to attain spiderlings or just a younger female, I would very much like to watch her grow and see her over her entire life-span, but seeing as this is a very particular request, pretty much any Kukulcania hibernalis female will do.