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    CLEARANCE SALE - $75 + Shipping FOR EVERYTHING 0.0.1 Centruroides sculpturatus “Xeric” (Arizona Bark Scorpion) 2-3” 0.0.7 Hierodula membranacea (Giant Asian Mantis) 2i-3i 0.1.0 Otomantis scutigera (Boxer Mantis) ADULT FEMALE x4 Otomantis scutigera POSSIBLY FERTILE Ootheca 0.0.8 Vonones sayi...
  2. T

    US Tarantuland Updated Inventory- tons of species, various sizes, CB healthy spiders

    Acanthoscurria geniculata Brazilian white knee 1/4" 20 Aphonopelma seemanni Costa Rican Stripe knee 3/4" 30 Bonnetina minax Mexican Copperhead 3/4" 65 Brachypelma boehmei male Mexican fireleg 3" 100 Brachypelma emilia Mexican Painted Red-Leg 2" 130 Brachypelma hamorii Mexican redknee...
  3. P


    Large Sale/Trade List Tarantulas [$45] Neoholothele incei (Trinidad Olive) 2.5”-3” FEMALE [$8] Tliltocatl albopilosus “Nicaraguan” (Curly Hair) 1”-1.5” 6 AVAILABLE Scorpions [$10] Paravaejovis confusus (Yellow Ground) [$4] Paravaejovis spinigerus (Stripe Tailed) 2i 20+ AVAILABLE [$10]...
  4. LadyShanna92

    I got a Neostenotarsus sp suriname today! Pardon the bad pic

  5. Jess Zimny

    First tarantula

    Howdy! My name is Jess, and I'm 18. I am here from Wichita Falls, TX, and a student at Texas A&M University. This is my first time owning a tarantula, it's a common pink toe, and it's name is Beatle! I have 3 Madagascar hissing ****roaches named Rango, John, and George as well. Paul will be...
  6. Jess Zimny


    I recently purchased this little pink toe tarantula, and I had no idea the underside of their feets were iridescent! I was just trying to capture her first meal <3
  7. Jess Zimny

    Little pink toe!

    Howdy! I should have asked the exotic store we got them from, but would y'all be able to determine the sex on this cutie? Could I also get an age estimate on this forum?
  8. S

    US Ts for sale, pick up only in Houston Tx

    Males 1 Grammostola acteon 4in 55 1 Brachypelma boehmei 4in 55 1 Harpactira pulchripes 3in 65 Unsexed 1 Avicularia avicularia 3/4in 15 1 Lasiodora parahybana 4in 35 1 Aphonopelma moderatum 1in 50 1 Poecilotheria formosa 2in 100 1 Poecilotheria vittata 2in 70 1 Pseudohapalupus sp. "Blue" 1/2in 80...
  9. H

    US Lots of species for sale

    Hello everyone! Our friend has an arachnid/snake business and it has unfortunately come down to selling the tarantulas. She has had a few very serious life events come up and asked our help to get them sold. They are all beautiful and healthy. The species we have available are: - Mexican fire...
  10. ksed09

    Gift Ideas for Tarantula Breeder?

    My brother recently started breeding Tarantulas, although he’s owned all kinds of reptiles and arachnids for years (he has an entire room dedicated to them). What would be an awesome idea for Christmas presents for him? What’s something a new breeder/experienced hobbyist would LOVE but maybe not...
  11. N

    Legs on legs??

    Can anyone tell me what these little legs are on my tarantulas's legs
  12. IMG_20211028_162314_913.jpg


    10/28/2021 sling Lasiodorides polycuspalatus Nukamedia Exotics arrived 10-27-21
  13. PXL_20211030_040214286.jpg


    Lasiodorides polycuspalatus sling from Nukamedia Exotics 10/29/2021
  14. PXL_20211104_220605355.jpg


    Sling >1 inch Lasiodorides polycuspulatus 11/4/2021 origin Nukamedia Exotics Fresno California arrived 10/27/2021 ~3/4"
  15. M

    Brachypelma Boehmei???

    Hello. I bought a baby b.boehmei about 4 months ago. The seller told me it was around 6-8 months old. When I got it it was about 0.8 cm. Today, 3-4 months later it’s about 1cm. so I have other tarantulas, for example a B.smithi that was about 1-1.5 years when I got him. He was about 7-9 cm back...
  16. Choppalop

    Brazilian black after Molt!

  17. M

    US Aphonopelma, true spiders and more! Bulk deals for slings

    Total order must be at least $40 excluding shipping! Please read TOS/LAG/SHIPPING INFO at bottom of original post! PAYMENT via Paypal FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE WHEN ORDERING IN BULK! SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR MORE! TARANTULAS Aphonopelma chalcodes: small (1-2")- $35 Medium (3")- $55...
  18. NukaMedia Exotics

    Phormingochilus species "Sabah Dwarf" tarantula Rehousing, Enclosure, & Care Info

    New video I made showing off this amazing newly introduced dwarf tarantula species.
  19. J

    What sex is my B. Smithi?

    So a few days ago i sexed my female A. Versicolor (8,5 cm molt). She had that M shaped spermato flap that makes it pretty clear that it is a female The flap on this B. Smithi (10,4 cm molt) is there but it is not M shaped. Idk why the pictures are where they are, but they went flying for some...
  20. Choppalop

    Dinner Time!

    Feeding time for this one.