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  1. hj20matl

    Just some of the babes

    Who runs the world?
  2. Gurat

    Chaco Golden Knee

    Hi guys, I'm a bit worried at the moment. My Tarantula has not been eating for approx. 8 months now, at first I thought maybe she was fasting, but now 8 months... About a month ago I gave her a roach, at first she didn't do nothing, after she went slowly on the roach, (he was playing dead) and...
  3. T alpopilosus

    T alpopilosus

    Cloud of fluff
  4. aphonopelma johnnycashi

    aphonopelma johnnycashi

    mature gravid female should drop a sac around june/july
  5. 20210513_115405.jpg


    Can you see me? :)
  6. Calisoga 'Brown'

    Calisoga 'Brown'

    Yet another of the many unknown species.. This female dropped a viable eggsac last year.
  7. C. longitarsis

    C. longitarsis

    my huge female, Kali. whilst these often have shy demeanors, this big girl is fearless and has a massive predatory drive- she'll chase my hand trying to capture it. doesnt care how big her prey is- i bet she'd take down a cave roach!
  8. My Brachypelma "Nyx" albiceps sling

    My Brachypelma "Nyx" albiceps sling

    Brachypelma albiceps is a species of spider in the tarantula family, Theraphosidae. It is known as the Mexican golden red rump tarantula or the Amula red rump tarantula. The carapace is a light golden color and the abdomen dark, covered with long red hairs. Females typically live for about 15 years.
  9. Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    My birupes simoroxigorum sling, using FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS lens (compressed file)
  10. My Birupes simoroxigorum sling

    My Birupes simoroxigorum sling

    I named him/her Arcturius, the name was inspired from one of the most brightest stars in the galaxy :)
  11. 20210411_154148.jpg


    Female C. lividus- when you try to pack her up but she's just not ready to travel.....
  12. NukaMedia Exotics

    US Tons of Tarantulas Available! List Updated 4/8

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  13. Pterinopelma sazimai - adult female

    Pterinopelma sazimai - adult female

  14. 56EACB1F-2E5A-4C9D-B727-2462836584BC.jpeg


    My Pink zebra beauty. Named: Hank
  15. M

    HELP dying tarantula

    Hi everyone, I shipped my tarantula across the country as I have just moved. I bought a 50 dollar kit and did everything I was supposed to do (from research) but it didn't go well. FedEx clearly threw her around and when I opened her up she was not moving. She is not in a death curl but does not...
  16. The Tarantula Hobby Is CHANGING! For BETTER & WORSE

    The Tarantula Hobby Is CHANGING! For BETTER & WORSE

    This week I am discussing all the ways the tarantula hobby has changed...especially in the last five years! Both the GOOD and the BAD! From the availability of species, ease of access, enclsoures, substrates, websites, forums, facebook groups, and the growth and success of some very big youtubers li
  17. Avicularia minatrix Redstripe Pinktoe Tarantula Care

    Avicularia minatrix Redstripe Pinktoe Tarantula Care

    The Avicularia minatrix, known commonly as the Redstripe Pinktoe, Venezualen Red Stripe and Red Slate Pinktoe Tarantula, is one of my FAVORITE dwarf species! This New World arboreal tarantnula is one of the smallest and most reclusive species in the hobby, except for maybe the T. seladonia. In this
  18. M

    US Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes for Sale

    Check out our selection of Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes and other bugs below. Please make sure to check our terms and conditions below. Come visit us in person The Spider Room 8659 Red Oak St Unit B Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 Open: Wed - Fri 12-5pm www.thespiderroom.com UPDATED: 1/17/2021...
  19. 20210115_224124.jpg


    "Mocha" my AF P. reduncus
  20. L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female

    L. polycuspulatus juvenile female measuring around 3” DLS.