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  1. S

    Help! My Chilean Rose is dying and I don’t know why!

    Hi everyone, my name is nick and I’ve been keeping tarantulas and any insects for as long as I can remember and when I turned 10 I bought my very first tarantula which was a Chilean Rose tarantula. I’ve had for 5 years now and just recently noticed that it started to deny any food I gave it and...
  2. Crax

    Need confirmation...

    I suck at sexing younger molts. I don't own a microscope anymore and don't want to wait a year for them to get big enough for me to know the gender of my T. I suspect Sing is a girl but wanted extra eyes.
  3. Sing...


    My phormictopus sp. dominican purple learning how to stay upon command. They just molted and peeking up and about.
  4. Tootsie Is Out!

    Tootsie Is Out!

    Right after rehousing, they went into a molt. Now they're out and about. My sweet little p. irminia.
  5. Crax

    Too Moist?

    Well... I figured since there seems to be debate and people have certainly get heated. While others cheer them on, I thought it would be a great topic of discussion. What is too moist? Should I dry out my slings? Should I dry out my enclosures while my tarantula's are molting? Should I...
  6. Out For a Stroll

    Out For a Stroll

    Can you see why I named my p. reduncus Happy Feet? Happy molted several weeks back and couldn't help but snap a pic of her orange smile.
  7. Too Good

    Too Good

    Everyone, meet Heart Attack or as I call them, HA. Too good for their water dish so I have to drizzle the glass every 3 days.
  8. Sing Looking About.

    Sing Looking About.

    My phormictopus dominican purple sp. I have to say s/he is one of my boldest spoods. They molted yesterday and I hope to update this pic soon.
  9. Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle is a stromatopelma calceatum and dubbed my forever sling. She's growing so much slower, it's painful. Other than that, a giant treat to see her out. Must have missed her border patrol.
  10. Happy Feet Relaxing

    Happy Feet Relaxing

    Happy is a Psalmopoeus Reduncus. I love her so much! Well it's not confirmed through molt since she destroyed most of it, waiting for another to look at but it to confirm my suspicions. She's probably one of my relaxed babies, up there with Izzy.
  11. Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    I've had Spoodle since they were super tiny. One of my first slings I ever owned so they have a special spot with me. I rehoused them two weeks ago and have not seen them since. I'll give it another week before pulling up their bark. I know heterothele villosellas are known for being nervous.
  12. Houdini as the magician.

    Houdini as the magician.

    Houdini when he was so tiny! Had to change him from his dixie cup to a maggot container. He was known for getting out through the thin lip of his first enclosure and would always... ALWAYS make a line for my plants. So this is six days into his new home. After the move, no escapes. :3
  13. Houdini before his move.

    Houdini before his move.

    A couple of weeks I did a rehouse of my little escape artist. He's growing like a weed so I assume, for a dwarf that he's a boy but we'll see after he molts. If you all can't tell, he's my one and only hapalopus columbian large species. And yes I've asked for a macro camera for xmas.
  14. The Exotic Kingdom

    Repticon Orlando, FL Dec 7&8

    TheExoticKingdom.com will be there with lots of T's!
  15. Crax

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata problem...

    Legs disappeared 33 days ago and reemerged on the second of December. She has not molted yet. I am, however, concerned. First concern, odd behavior: doesn't want to eat but drinks tons (for a spood) of water. Today and yesterday, that's all she has done. Not moving much but constantly...
  16. batsy

    Why does my tarantula wriggle her butt up and down?

    So ever since I got my grammastola pulchra as a 1/4 inch sling, she's raises her abdomen high up and down and up and down every time she walks. She's an inch large now and still does it. It kinda looks like she's dancing whenever she walks. She doesn't do it all the time, only when she walks and...
  17. T

    Tarantulas and scorpions available

    Preview Tarantulas: 0.0.20 Monocentropus balfouri 1/4"+ $35 each 5+= $30 each 10+ $25 each 0.0.5 Grammostola pulchripes 1/4"+ $20 each 0.0.5 Tapinauchenius violaceus 1/4"+ $20 each Scorpions: 0.0.3 Babycurus gigas 2i-3i $40 each 0.2.0 sub adult/adult Androctonus bicolor $45 each 0.1.0 4i...
  18. martiannova

    Costa Rican Zebra enclosure

    Buckeye, our affectionately and poorly named A. Seemani got her permanent upgrade today. It's somewhat western themed, because even though we're planning on adding a red knee and an arizona blond i couldnt wait to do a western theme haha
  19. The Exotic Kingdom

    Repticon Jacksonville, FL

    Who's coming out this weekend?
  20. D

    New tarantula owner

    Good day to all. Im new to the tarantula world and the second i got my first one i become obsessed. My first one is a GBB, second mexican red knee, then got another GBB and then got an OBT. Plus im waiting for 2 socatra island blue baboons and a curly hair. Plus i have 2 snakes as well lol. Btw...