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  1. S

    What can I use this for?

    I was gifted a zoo med creature habitat about a year ago and I’m at a loss for what to use it for. Would there be any good new world beginner Ts out there that this enclosure could suit?
  2. DeltaVictor

    What am I?

    Tarantula was teal when it was a spider-ling. Now it is 1.5 Years old and also likes to burrow. I lost the film canister that it came in with its scientific name on it because i moved him to a deli container. Now i moved him to a larger container and i would like to correctly adjust the temp...
  3. 20200528_163021.jpg


    Caribena versicolor
  4. 20200519_211235.jpg


    Grammastola pulchra
  5. 20200528_163323.jpg


    P. pulcher
  6. 20200528_163705.jpg


    Cyriocosmus leetzi
  7. 20200527_152858.jpg


    This is "Savage", my Pelinobius muticus juvenile.
  8. Ajbeardow

    Tarantula Artwork (by species)

    Hi guys, My better half is an illustrator, and I just wanted to test the waters on something on her behalf. I know a lot of T keepers are keen on their species imagery and artwork. She's thinking (with my encouragement) of creating illustrations of single tarantulas across a wide-range of...
  9. Grandsouls

    how strong are tarantulas exactly..?

    I got a Sterilite tub for a soon to be here male Rose hair. Its the ones with a white snap on lid like the one pictured ( Exact same design just different size ) I use to keep smaller species of snakes in this type of tub, but they where in a shelf set up. Started thinking perhaps he would be...
  10. Gurat

    Chaco Golden knee hiding

    Hi guys, I'm a bit worried, because my T (chaco golden knee) got into ger hide on 31st December (New year's Eve) and hasn't got out since then. She is not even drinking. She stopped eating at around last September/October I think. She covered her entrance with web, as if she's saying I don't...
  11. M

    A.Seemanni, around 3”

    It keeps destroying its moults and I’m dying to know what it is! I’m just not that great at ventral sexing and would like someone else’s opinion! Thanks in advance!
  12. T

    Is this lid safe for a tarantula

    Hello tarantula experts, I am in the process of preparing for my very first tarantula, a Mexican red knee, but while I was researching, I heard from multiple sources that it is not safe to put your tarantula in an enclosure with a mesh lid, I would like some confirmation on weather the lid I...
  13. C

    What is my Tarantula Sling?

    I found this sling in Sunflower Arizona almost a year ago and im still having trouble trying to find out what he might be. Someone have any suggestions?
  14. S

    US Looking for Cyriopagopus minax Thailand Big Black

    Alright so I have been searching and searching for a Cyriopagopus Minax or Thailand Big Black T and for the life of me I cant find one. If anyone knows someone or has one they would like to get rid of I would gladly pay for the T. This is probably my all time favorite T and I am dying to have...
  15. J

    Hey! Im having a hard time deciding

    I'm a new tarantula keeper and I need help deciding on which species I should get for a beginner,here are some on my list: Brachypelma hamorii (red knee) Grammostola rosea (red rose hair) Grammostola pulcripes (chaco golden knee) Grammostola pulchra (brazillian black) Brachypelma albopisolum...
  16. S

    Help! My Chilean Rose is dying and I don’t know why!

    Hi everyone, my name is nick and I’ve been keeping tarantulas and any insects for as long as I can remember and when I turned 10 I bought my very first tarantula which was a Chilean Rose tarantula. I’ve had for 5 years now and just recently noticed that it started to deny any food I gave it and...
  17. Crax

    Need confirmation...

    I suck at sexing younger molts. I don't own a microscope anymore and don't want to wait a year for them to get big enough for me to know the gender of my T. I suspect Sing is a girl but wanted extra eyes.
  18. Sing...


    My phormictopus sp. dominican purple learning how to stay upon command. They just molted and peeking up and about.
  19. Tootsie Is Out!

    Tootsie Is Out!

    Right after rehousing, they went into a molt. Now they're out and about. My sweet little p. irminia.
  20. Crax

    Too Moist?

    Well... I figured since there seems to be debate and people have certainly get heated. While others cheer them on, I thought it would be a great topic of discussion. What is too moist? Should I dry out my slings? Should I dry out my enclosures while my tarantula's are molting? Should I...