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    Hi there! I’m a new T keeper and an ex arachnophobic. I got my B. hamorii and B. boehmei a week ago, after almost 4 months of studying species and tarantulas in general. I bought them unsexed and I’m trying to sex them. By the way, they won’t be alone for too long, and i‘m already searching for...
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    Brachypelma’s ventral sex

    Hi guys, I’m new in the T world. I got my first Ts a week ago, B. hamorii and B. boehmei, and the breeder told me they are 1 year and an half old. I choosed them unsexed. They haven’t molt yet and I was searching online if there were another way to sex them, so I found the ventral sexing...
  3. C

    US [Emergency] Rehoming 5.0.0 New World T’s at negotiable price

    Rehoming these solely because my allergy to their hairs has worsened. (Pics attached) - 5.5’’ P. Antinous - 5” A. Geniculata - 4” B. Emilia - 4” T. Albopilosus - 3.5” G. Pulchripes All in excellent health, no bad molts For Sale: $180 or best offer, shipping from NorCal not included. Pickup OK...
  4. T

    Can anybody sex my juvenile Mexican pink beauty?

    Would love to put the question to rest and know if I have a male or female klassi. Pelma is about 2 and a half years old, such a beautiful spider Im hoping she is indeed female as I have been told by a more experienced eye. Any ideas?
  5. B

    Smithi or Hamorri

    Was sold as a true Smithi recently. Is it Hamorii or Smithi?
  6. Vial Creatures

    US Mature Females & Well Started Trios

    FEMALES _______________________________ Brachypelma boehmei 5.5” Bred by Tom Saxxon...................$280 Caribena versicolor 5" ................................................$200 Harpactira pulchripes 4.25” 2020.........................................$315 Heteroscodra maculata 4.5...
  7. DF012076-36C2-4A31-9889-5A742BF99A66.jpeg


    Brachypelma smithi exploring
  8. A

    My tarantula eats in her cave and I don’t know how to clean it

    My Brachypelma hamorii decided to eat in her cave. Everytime I feed her she goes to her cave and I can’t pick up the lefts cuz she has barricaded herself and made spiderwebs. What should I do? Should I move the cave to pick up the lefts?
  9. Reptilian Nation Expo


    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO- DENVER - AUGUST 20-21, 2022 Largest reptile event to ever hit the Denver area. 70+ BREEDERS/VENDORS. 45, 000+ SQ. FT. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale. Presentations. DATES/TIMES Saturday -August 20, 2022 (10am-6pm) Sunday -August 21...
  10. Screenshot_20220622-124801_Gallery.jpg


    Bonnie my mexican red knee confirmed female
  11. A

    Boehmei or boehmei x baumgartini?

  12. S

    b. boehmei pacing around cage

    my brachypelma boehmei has been really active the past 2 days. it's been walking around the cage, climbing, and exploring a lot more than normal. usually it just sits in its hide all day and comes out for about a second when i feed it. i don't know if he's stressed or just curious. what is...
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    Advice wanted for my cold climate housing setup. Heat pads etc.

    Hello, I’ve purchased a 50 gal tank for $50 at petco! I’ve made similar enclosures previously on a smaller scale that were successful. Im currently reusing my 4 heat mats that are only 4-8 watts each. they are mounted on the sides and back of the tank. I’ve used heat tape over them and then laid...
  14. Reptilian Nation Expo


    Largest reptile event to ever hit Las Vegas. 3 DAY EXPO. 70+ BREEDERS/VENDORS. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. DATES/TIMES Friday -November 5, 2021 (12pm-6pm) Saturday -November 6, 2021 (10am-6pm) Sunday -November 7, 2021 (10am-5pm) LOCATION Santa Fe Station...
  15. Hamorii's new clothes

    Hamorii's new clothes

    Shhh, don't tell her she's naked
  16. B hamorii female

    B hamorii female

  17. B

    US A few 8 legged available

    I have: Unsexed 0.0.1 Brachypelma smithi 1 inch $60 0.0.2 Brachypelma klassi 1 in $60 0.0.2 Caribena versicolor 1.5-2.0in . $65 0.0.1 Tliltocatl verdezi 1inch $35 Females 0.1 Brachypelma auratum 6 inch, $270 0.1 Tapinauchenus violiceps 3in female, $130 1.1 Megaphobema robustum 3inch pair...
  18. My Brachypelma "Nyx" albiceps sling

    My Brachypelma "Nyx" albiceps sling

    Brachypelma albiceps is a species of spider in the tarantula family, Theraphosidae. It is known as the Mexican golden red rump tarantula or the Amula red rump tarantula. The carapace is a light golden color and the abdomen dark, covered with long red hairs. Females typically live for about 15 years.
  19. Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula How to Care for the Brachypelma auratum

    Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula How to Care for the Brachypelma auratum

    This week I cover care, husbandry, and feeding for the Brachypelma auratum (Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula). I discuss the care, husbandry, feeding, history, general info and enclosures for this species. This includes handling, temperature, humidity, set up, enclosure, substrate, lifespan, & more.
  20. 20200811_184720.jpg


    5" Penult male Brachypelma baumgarteni