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  1. D

    Is my tarantula molting or is it dead( please help)

    i just found out that my tarantula is upside down. It was fine around 3 hours ago. Leg span diagonal is around 7.5cm And body length 5cm Is it molting or has something happened The humidity inside the terranium was higher than usual (85-90%) Please let me know.
  2. D

    Need help pleaae

    i just got this tarantula today. I dont know the age or sex of the tarantula. How do i know how old it must be and is it close to molting?. The whole day it has been in a corner where it made web structures. Thanks
  3. Sycohearted

    My First Tarantula! (B.Hamorii)

    Ahhhh, It feels so surreal making that title, I swear! I just thought I'd make a lil' thread like I do on my rodent forums for my new little buddy! I have been ethically researching Tarantulas since 2016 after remembering randomly one day that I used to watch "some crazy dude" named...
  4. Sycohearted

    B. Hamorii (Non-Molt)

    I figured it's worth a try! If not, I'll just wait for my little buddy to molt and see for sure!
  5. Sycohearted

    My worst nightmare: Tarantula Gifted to me

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to the T-Community but I have been researching on and off for about 5+ years, And today I was thrusted into the community and...I'm a bit frustrated and stressed by it. I am a person who spends years researching and collecting supplies for an animal before getting it...
  6. Zarshenyu

    Why Does My T's Abdomen Get Bald?

    Hello :) Before that, i already know how does the bald looks like if it caused by shedding urticating hair. But this bald seems weird. I think he's getting bald from yesterday, and today it's getting wider. I also attached photos of him. What is wrong with him? I thought it's because he...
  7. Brachypelma Emilia

    Brachypelma Emilia

    My favorite girl freshly molted ❤
  8. Zarshenyu

    Should i feed him?

    Hello :) My T has molt 1 week ago. I also see that the fang is already black. But his upper mouth is still reddish brown. I asked the seller if i should feed him or not, and he answered yes. At first, my T seems he interested to catch the crickets. He chased it. Later, the crickets fell down...
  9. Zarshenyu

    Is my T has reach ultimate molting?

    Hello :) My B. Albopilosum just molt 4 hours ago. When i bought him, the seller said that he is a big juvenile, size around 7cm. But i still bought it. I know that male tarantula tend to have shorter life span. After his molt, I measured his old skin. And his DLS is about 11cm (photos...
  10. Zarshenyu

    Feeding when premolt?

    Hello :) Maybe it's a dumb question but i still concern to ask.. Should i feed my B. Albo when he's in premolt? Here's how he looks like now. Lately, he likes to move around near the dish. Sometimes he put his leg inside the dish. The humidity is around 80%-90% inside the enclosure...
  11. Hat of shame

    Hat of shame

    Grounded because he dropped his water dish 2 times. Making the substrate wet. When i tried to change the substrate, he shed his urticating hair. This photo i took 1 month ago :D . Too cute not to post...
  12. Zarshenyu

    Should i change the enclo?

    Hello. I have a juvenile male B. Albo. Now i think he's about to molt because his abdomen is pretty bald. Should i change the enclosure before his molt? I'm afraid that he would get stuck because the wrong size of the enclo. The size of enclosure Long: 18 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 8 cm. Thank...
  13. Avicularia Kael

    Brachypelma albopilosum "True" form

    She is so feisty...
  14. Zarshenyu

    Hole in carapace?

    Hello :) I know that my Albo has this hole in his carapace. But it seems getting bigger (or it is just my imagination since i already checked the photo of my albos from the first day i got him, the size of the hole is same) I attach the picture of my T below. Is that normal if tarantula have...
  15. Zarshenyu

    Can't find bollus?

    Hello everyone :) Today is the 3rd week since i have my T and since he arrive, he ate 1 mealworm and 4 crickets. My concern is when he ate mealworm, i can find a corpse ball (or bollus?) of the mealworm inside the enclosure. And i already took it out. He ate 4 crickets from 2 weeks ago. Like...
  16. JSReptilesUK

    Some of the Ts

    We have 15 tarantulas currently - but don't have photos of them all to hand. So here are a few of them: Ronnie the N. Coloratovillosus Fly the C. Cyaneopubescens Jellybean the C.Versicolor Mr T the B. Albopilosum (our first T!)
  17. Zarshenyu

    Help! Weird Standing Position After Eating Cricket

    Hello Everyone. After one week my Tarantula didn't eat anything, this is the first time he ate cricket. 2 days ago, i gave him cricket. The cricket didn't move or walk inside the enclosure and my T didn't touch the cricket so yesterday morning i took out the cricket and put it back to his jar...
  18. Zarshenyu

    Perfect Cricket Size for Juvenile?

    Hello :) I just give my T cricket. But he seems like he just chill around and didn't catch the cricket. My T is 7cm juvenile. The cricket is about 2cm. Does the cricket size is perfect for my T? I also attached picture of my T and the cricket. Thank you
  19. S

    Brachy with still kicking a month after being trapped in molt

    about a month ago my confirmed female B. bohemi was trapped in her molt and i had to remove it from her but not before damage had been done to 3 of her legs.
  20. J

    Brachypelma Emilia advice needed

    I recently just got a very small Brachypelma Emilia (mexican red legged) i originally asked for a Brachypelma Smithi (mexican red knee) and i had done all my research on this tarantula and when i got to the pet store the owner said mexican red legged. He told me there was no different between...