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Need help pleaae


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i just got this tarantula today. I dont know the age or sex of the tarantula. How do i know how old it must be and is it close to molting?. The whole day it has been in a corner where it made web structures.


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Hello and welcome :)
Age is difficult to judge as there are so many things that affect its size, frequency of feeding, temperatures and sex can all make a difference. What size is it from front foot to diagonally opposed back foot?
To tell you the sex a clear photo of the underside will be needed.
Tarantulas often take time to settle down in a new home so don't worry, the fact it has started webbing is a good sign


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Its sand for now
But im planning to change it to coco peat in 2-3 days
Is sand not comfortable for the tarantula??
I think people stay away from sand because it can cause impaction in a lot of reptiles and some arthropods.


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That's a untrue lie in the hobby....tarantulas especially hamorii live on and burrow in sand. Nothing wrong with sand.
^This. I spent two years chasing tarantulas around the desert as a kid. They seemed pretty healthy in their sandy burrows..hobbyists err on the side of caution, which is good, but sometimes we go to far with ****..