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  1. Aphonopelma sp

    Aphonopelma sp

    Likely vorhiesi, could be madera.
  2. Redmcki

    Aphonopelma no longer hiding in burrow?

    So I have three Aphonopelma from different regions of Mexico that have made substantial burrows but no longer retreat when I disturb them is this normal as they get older or is something wrong with the conditions? They are 1.5-2 inches my enclosures are 4x8x4 WxLxH
  3. Redmcki


    Hey I’m very happy to be here I’ve been lurking for about a year before I joined. I have three different Aphonopelma that I love dearly I got them all as 1/2inch slings about three months ago a Michocàn, Oaxaca, and Jalisco. If anyone has any info on these specially I would love to hear about...
  4. Tuca


    Aphonopelma Moderatum Male, sitting against his enclosure's heating pad.
  5. MBullock

    US New List- May 31st, Jumping spiders, tarantulas, wolf spiders.

    Now located in arizona! I'm now using SQUARE for transactions! You will be sent a payment link for the particular item(s) you purchase, now. I can still use paypal, but because of the way they work, and because i havent used it in a while, they may freeze my account again. They did it...
  6. MBullock


    SHIPPING: FedEx Priority Overnight/ Standard Overnight only. Please read TOS/LAG for more information! Thank you for your business- as a reward, please enjoy a 5.00% discount on overnight shipping! Shipping varies by size, weight and distance. Please read TOS/LAG at end of post or risk...
  7. W

    US Tarantulas Still available for Rehoming

    Hey guys as I’m having to downsize my tarantula collection I have the following Tarantulas and slings available for sale, I’m trying to price them lower than their market value and if anyone is interested in buying groups of Ts I’d be happy to give discounts as well for those local to Richmond...
  8. W

    Updated Available Tarantulas for Sale

    Hey Guys I'm Located in Richmond VA and willing to travel but also willing to ship, Here are some of the Ts I still have available for sale 1x Aphonopelma Bicoloratum F: 350$ 1x Aphonopelma Chalcodes F: 65$ 1x Aphonopelma Hentzi F: 75$ 1x Aphonopelma Iodius PF: 65$ 1x Aphonopelma Moderatum...
  9. W

    US Shrinking my collection

    I am located in Richmond VA and will happily do local pickup but I can also do overnight shipping or two day shipping via fedex as well, though I’d only offer live arrival guarantee with overnight shipping. I have the following Ts available Tarantulas: A Avicularia Probable female A iodius...
  10. Steindachneri


    Freshly molted, and the best part is we have a MATURE MALE FOR HER! :D CBCB steindachneri available next july! :D I hereby declare aphonopelma eutylenum to be the "False ebony tarantula" and Steindachneri is now the 'True Ebony Tarantula' I will now be using these common names. ACCEPT IT.
  11. D

    Why isn't she eating OR molting??

    I live in Tucson, Arizona and I have an Aphonopelma Chalcodes and I've had her for about 6 months. The first 3 or 4 months her appetite was very strong and she was very active and would devour anything that gets in her pin. For the past 2 or 3 months, she hasn't eaten anything I feed her. I...
  12. Volcanic emulation (A. steindachneri)

    Volcanic emulation (A. steindachneri)

    A special substrate with a 2-3" gravel layer on top, packed well. She loved it and accepted it right away- went to her hide like she'd been living there for years.
  13. Aphonopelma Steindachneri

    Aphonopelma Steindachneri

    Just caught this lovely lady the other day. She's insatiable and may be gravid. She seems to enjoy the hot-glue shelter I made her. looks good with the perlite lol
  14. MBullock

    US Aphonopelma steindachneri 2.5"

    2.5" unsexed Aphonopelma steindachneri- $250.00
  15. MBullock

    US Aphonopelma, wolf spiders, true spiders, CB vinegaroon babies

    LAG- All animals guaranteed to arrive alive, DOA must be reported within 5 hours after delivery time- either a video of unboxing must be provided or the deceased specimen must be shown with a pin pushed through the head to prove it's dead and not just chilled. Shipping cost cannot be refunded...
  16. DevinsCreatures

    US !ISO! Aphonopelmas

    Seeking out to get quite a few US native Aphonopelma of varying species as well as looking to get multiple/groups. Preferably juveniles or larger, unsexed or pairs. Aphonopelma gabeli Aphonopelma eutylenum Aphonopelma johnnycashi + seeking other species as well. If you’ve got Aphonopelma...
  17. MBullock

    US Dwarf aphonos, Baja Mafia scorpions..

    LAG- all animals guaranteed to arrive alive and well or your money back (minus shipping costs). Must provide unboxing video and must report DOA within 5 hours after estimated delivery time. Please make sure to give me the correct information. Lost packages due to customer error are not my...
  18. Tarantula hawk in-situ

    Tarantula hawk in-situ

    Pepsis mildei dragging a paralyzed immature male Aphonopelma eutylenum
  19. Aphonopelma sp 'black mask'

    Aphonopelma sp 'black mask'

    'iodius' from this specimen's locality tend to have this black mask. i formerly assumed these were iodius but now i'm unsure.. i'll have to look at some microscopic details to know for certain.. regardless, looks awesome lol
  20. aphonopelma marxi

    aphonopelma marxi

    definitely the floofiest aphono.