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US New List- May 31st, Jumping spiders, tarantulas, wolf spiders.


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Now located in arizona!

I'm now using SQUARE for transactions! You will be sent a payment link for the particular item(s) you purchase, now.
I can still use paypal, but because of the way they work, and because i havent used it in a while, they may freeze my account again. They did it before, twice.

Now offering WHOLESALE for various species- the list of stuff i can wholesale will grow in the coming days!

Shipping: Fedex overnight, cost is generally around 50-55 dollars depending on distance. LAG is not guaranteed on weekends so be prepared for the item to sit over the weekend if you order on thursday or later!! Tuesday is the best time to ship, generally.

LAG- Live Animal Guarantee- All animals guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. If any die on the way (DOA), you will either be refunded the cost minus shipping, or sent a replacement.
You must pay the shipping for the replacement animal, if I had more money I would.
An Unboxing video is required for DOA claim. Failure to provide an unboxing video closes our transaction- freeing me of any legal responsibility of the sold item(s).




NEW- Paraphidippus basalis- $399.00 unsexed immatures- Huge beautiful jumpers comparable in size to Regius.

*NOTE: These will generally only accept flying prey, they MAY accept a mealworm, but dont expect it*

Phidippus asotus 'Brown marble' CBCB slings- $65 ea unsexed, $10 ea wholesale
Phidippus apacheanus slings- $25.00 ea unsexed- $10 ea wholesale
Phidippus aureus CBCB imm. unsexed- $65.00 ea
Phidippus ardens sexed- $45 ea
Phidippus audax sexed- $20 ea
Phidippus tux cbcb slings- VERY SOON!


Hogna antelucana- imm/adults mixed sex- $20 ea, $7 ea wholesale
Arctosa litorallis- imm/adults mixed sex- $25 ea, $7 ea wholesale
Rabidosa santrita 'Santa Rita Rabid wolf spider' imm/adults/mixed sex- $35 ea, $10 ea wholesale
Hogna carolinensis 'tucson'- imm/adults/mixed sex- $20 ea, $7 ea wholesale
Pardosa sp- $15 ea- $7 ea wholesale


Aphonopelma steindachneri adult female- $300.00
Aphonopelma johnnycashi adult females and immature males- $150 ea
Aphonopelma chalcodes females- $55 ea
Aphonopelma iodius- $55 ea
Aphonopelma vorhiesi adult female- $100
Aphonopelma vorhiesi imm. male- $75
Aphonopelma eutylenum female- $55
Apomastus kristenae- $200 (two available)

Hunting: If you want me to hunt for a specific species, I will require compensation. $13.00 per hour during the hunt. you will not be charged for time spent driving from A-B, only during the actual footwork. I cannot refund this if i fail. I can however, give you a special 30% discount on whatever item(s) you wish from my selection, if i DO. So at least you can get a bunch of stuff for cheap as compensation! Hope that helps lol. *IF* i fail, that is :p