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I am located in Richmond VA and will happily do local pickup but I can also do overnight shipping or two day shipping via fedex as well, though I’d only offer live arrival guarantee with overnight shipping. I have the following Ts available


A Avicularia Probable female
A iodius probable female
A moderatum
P saizmai Female
C Argentinese MF
C Aueri MF
O quezon Blue
O tredweller
O niger MF
A seemani F
A Chalcodes F
O Cebu dwarf
K brunnipes
S Calceatum


C Versicolor
G Pulchra
G Pulcherips
D diamantinese
C elegans
C Leetzi

I’m willing to price them on the lower end as I just want to disperse my collection to those with more than me and locals can get the Ts enclosures free of charge. Pm for prices but group prices will be better than individual as well.


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I’m adding more tarantulas for sale including the ones I mentioed previously

Difficilis F: 175
A Anax MF :125
A Seemani F :50
A Iodius PF: 65
A Hentzi F :65
A Chalcodes F :65
A Moderatum Unsexed :150
O Quezon Blue Unsexed :95
O Negro MF :175
G Pulcherips Unsexed x2: 35
P Sazimai F: 95
S Calceatum Unsexed : 55
A avic PF :25
K Brunnipes PM: 45
C Argentinese MF: 100
GBB Female : 85


C elegans 50
C leetzi 75
G Pulchra 40
E Campestratus 45
C Versicolor 20
D Diamantinese 85

Buying a larger group of Ts can reduce the price by like a good amount.

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