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  1. S

    Pink Toe Feeding Question

    I've had a pink toe tarantula for almost 6 months now, and the only way he will eat is if his worm is placed in his web. He molted a couple weeks ago, and I had to clean out his web because he got too big for it. He hasn't started building a new web, and also won't eat. I've tried putting his...
  2. remington

    G pulchripes size?

    Most online sources purport that they can get up to 7-8 inches, sometimes even 9. I’m assuming this is measuring leg span end to end. Is that true? It seems gigantic and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that large in a video or photo.
  3. remington

    Why are many keepers so staunchly against hybrids?

    I am not here to defend it, because frankly I don't know enough about it to have an opinion on the matter. I'm just genuinely curious about the issues with it.
  4. K

    Curly Hair Behavior - Another New Owner Post

    First off: I’m so sorry about a third ‘new owner post’ ! I’ll try to post a little less but I figure better safe than sorry especially since I tend to be an anxious with a new pet So Saturday, the 25th I decided to try to feed her (my T Albo) again, since the last time she ate was at the hobby...
  5. K

    What would you consider an adult size?

    So as some know (due to a new owner anxiety post lol) I am a really recent owner to a girl Tliltocatl albopilosus. she doesn’t move much and has refused food for now a week, but i just assumed that’s because she’s still getting used to everything. but i also don’t know if i can rule out pre...
  6. K

    Recent tarantula owner, should i be worried or overthinking?

    After a bit of contemplation, my anxiety got the best of me and I wanted to make a post to look for help. 2 days ago I finally got my first tarantula; she’s a Tliltocatl albopilosus. I got her at a exotics pet shop and they said she molted about 4-5 weeks ago and she’s about 4 inches. last fed...
  7. Usherkappa

    New tarantula questions

    Hey yall ! Im a new user and im thinking of buying a new tarantula ...so im thinking of a Brachypelma emilia sling and im going to put it in a small terrarium 9.1x6x6.7 (inches) 1) is that size okay ? Also I know that I have to rehome it to a larger terrarium when it becomes an adult but...
  8. Avicularia Kael

    Linothele megatheloides Questions!

    I LOVE these things! But before I get one, can you answer some questions? 1. Speed? I have heard they are faster than tarantulas, is this true? 2. Temperament? I have heard they are not aggressive but quite skittish, is that true? 3.Venom? I have heard it is quite mild, is that true?
  9. Avicularia Kael

    Psalmopoeus pulcher questions

    I am really amazed by this species, but I have some questions: How fast? Stronger venom??? Temperament? Care difficulty?
  10. S

    Help My Tarantulas acting wierd

    Hey guys im Spider.Mommy im still new to owning a T and I feel very anxious about my lil spidy! She is a Grammastola Rosea and ive had her since she was a lil 1cm big baby. She used to feed very well and she grew quickly! The molts were fine and after I brought one to the petshop where I bought...
  11. Cavity

    Molted but hasn't come out if webbing?

    Hi, im still fairly new with tarantulas and this is my first molting experience and im a little worried my t isnt okay. My pink toe started her webbing sept. 12 and completely shedded her old exoskeloton Nov. 3 but still hasnt come out of her cocoon... is this okay? She's been in her web...
  12. Cavity

    Is my Avic in Premolt?

    Im fairly new to owning a T, approximately 2-3months since I first got her. Shes started to enclose herself in a web and im wondering if shes building a "cocoon" to molt in, there's no opening in her webbing from what I can see. What do you guys think?
  13. Cavity

    My first pink toe and I have a few questions

    I got my first tarantula, a pink toe, last month and wanted to know if I was doing okay and if theres anything I could improve on. Q:She/he is around 2in in size right now. Can anyone guess how old it would be? Q: How many crickets should I give it and should it be weekly? Currently im giving...
  14. Tristan

    What species of Avic is this?

    Hi I bought this (young) spider at a pet store about a month ago. While it clearly seems to be a pink toe, I do not believe that it is an Avicularia Avicularia (as I was told) primarily due to the stripes on its back. (Ref. picture) I did some research and concluded it might be an...
  15. N

    *Stupid questions from a newbie*

    Soooo I've had my T for three days now... Yes, I know, that's too little time to start worrying like this. But still. Better soon than later :D Today I tried to give it a mealworm and it rejected it. I've seen that people say you should feed them when their abodmens look small, and honestly I...