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  1. soup_salad

    Help me ID! Just found a tarantula in my garden in Brazil (Belo Horizonte)

    I think it might be a Brazilian Red (Nhandu carapoensis), but I want to be sure. I'm completely new to tarantulas, never thought of keeping one! But it seems very interesting. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. snakebytes4324

    Jumping spider identification

    Hello I’m new to the hobby and I already have two P. Audax spiderlings but recently today I found this other species and I need help identifiying it. If it helps any I live in Southern California. It also appears one of the back legs isn’t working I know I didn’t harm it with the container when...
  3. DeathByGlam

    Possible mystery sling?

    Soo... i am slightly confused, i have received a second sling labelled C. Argentinensis (as a freebie) but this one doesn’t look like the first one. It is much lighter. Can two slings from the same species look different? Or do i have a mystery sling in my hands? Sling1: sling 2:
  4. Grandsouls

    Help me identify my Avicularia!

    Shes only about 3 inches or so so not sure if you'll be able to tell. Sorry for the quality, not great, Although does not show up super well, her hairs on legs are fairly red, and very very red/orange with the tiger stripes of black on the side, and the black stripe in the middle. She has...
  5. C

    What is my Tarantula Sling?

    I found this sling in Sunflower Arizona almost a year ago and im still having trouble trying to find out what he might be. Someone have any suggestions?
  6. M

    Tarantula identification

    I went into a pet sore and they had this one tarantula that had apparently been there for awile. Part of the problem is that it was unlabeled for a long time. The other was that they "didnt know it was going to be mean". They gave it to me for free to get it out of the store. They labeled it a...
  7. M

    Is this a pamphobeteus sp flammifera sling?

    A friend sent me a picture from a small mom and pop pet shop saying that they were not sure even what to put it as or how to price it. They have it labeled as a pamphobeteus sp flammifera but the slings that I see online look like they have darker legs and the pattern looks just a tad different...
  8. DarthLray000

    Need help Identifying Avicularia’s!

    Hey everyone! New member here! Thought the fourums could give me some insight on questions I might have being a new tarantula keeper. My first tarantula I bought from a pet store () was a Avicularia avicularia, pink toe. So the tag said. That was 8 months ago. Today I was in the pet store again...
  9. Neilwallace

    MYSTERY TARANTULA (what species is it)

    i found this tarantula with long black legs and a shiny golden carapace when i was camping yesterday and i've never seen a species like this one does anyone know what species this tarantula is i only have a cell phone to take pics of it so this picture is the best i got of it right now. i also...
  10. Avion1929

    Tarantula Sling Identification Help

    I'd been wanting to get a tarantula for a while and impulse bought a sling from a local pet store. It was labeled as 'Pink Toed Tarantula (Metallic)'. To be honest I wasn't expecting to get a Pink Toe as my first and hadn't known what an adult looked like, but when I google the adult images...