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  1. M

    Can someone identify this species?

    So I bought a grammostola porteri at a reptile expo,(which was only my 4th tarantula ever) and surprised got two free tarantula slings. 1 was a grammostola pulchripes, and 1 of them doesn't have a species name on it so I need some help. I know the photo is bad, but that was the best one I could...
  2. T

    Tarantula identification? (Not sure what species).

    Hello, I own these two tarantulas one is a female all black with some whitish red coloring and the other is all black but with a red abdomen. I was wondering if someone could help me identify each tarantula. Male: Fully mature. A question I specifically have is whether the 2 spots and a bald...
  3. B

    Help would be apprciated :)

    Hi there, I am trying to ID some spiders which have been moved on to me and I wondered if anyone would be able to offer me some assistance. I love spiders and know some about them however I am no expert so I am reaching out for help in the only way I know how! If this post is not allowed here...
  4. B

    Jumping Spider ID?

    I've been lurking here for about a month or so. Not T. related but curious in anyone can help me ID this little thing. I am located in NE Wisconsin I cant seem to find much info on one that looks like this. Thanks y'all!
  5. R

    So recently I became interested in Homoeomma sp Blue per/blue peru 2 or possibly Thrixopelma Longcolli?

    Is this blue peru 2 or thrixopelma longcolli or some other T? T is 3" and I also attached some sling shots. Thanks for any and all information.
  6. C

    Aviculara avicularia

    Almost adult colours now. Anyone experienced in sexing?
  7. H

    Hitch hiker from breeder

    Hopefully the right place for this post I ordered spiders from a large breeder and this guy hitched a ride in the box any ideas what he is?
  8. D

    What species is my leggy friend?

    Hi, I'm a relatively new T hobbyist. I've owned one B. Hamorii for a very short time before it ended up dying. I was a mess afterwards and my boyfriend decided to surprise me with what he thought was another B. Hamorii. It's been a few months since then, it molted twice and it became clear (as...
  9. Sarah.Eileen

    Any Ideas What Kind of Spider This Is?

    Hello all! A friend of mine sent me a picture of a spider she found in her home and was curious what it was! Thought it might be cool to see the speculation of those who know much more than I do! Any ideas? We live in coastal VA by the way.
  10. W

    ID help!

    Hi! Can anyone help me with this lovely creature? Seen in the rainforest in Central DRC!
  11. Richieha2012

    New Avicularia - Tips and Identification

    Hey Everyone! I decided over the past few weeks to try my hand at tarantula care for the first time in over 10 years. I had a few while I was in my teens, but never had them long term. Today I welcomed to the family a juvenile avicularia and was wondering if anyone could help identify what kind...
  12. Dssntx

    Tarantula ID?

    Hello all! I’m new to this site, I’ve been on Arachnoboards for a while but wanted to try this out. This is not my own T but someone I know owns it but has no idea what it is. (Being new to the tarantula hobby I also have no idea lol) My immediate reaction would be G. pulchra but that seems to...
  13. J

    What type of Goliath birdeater is this? Shes in premolt

    I know shes a Goliath but Im wondering what type? Im fairly new to the arachno world
  14. dreadedlaramie

    what kind is she?

    my name is laramie and am looking forward to getting to know my fellow tarantula pet parents!! i am brand new to this and am also hoping to get some advice/help on how to best care for my new addition! i adopted this sweet girl (?) this last thursday the 5th (her name is lars) the adoption...
  15. soup_salad

    Help me ID! Just found a tarantula in my garden in Brazil (Belo Horizonte)

    I think it might be a Brazilian Red (Nhandu carapoensis), but I want to be sure. I'm completely new to tarantulas, never thought of keeping one! But it seems very interesting. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. snakebytes4324

    Jumping spider identification

    Hello I’m new to the hobby and I already have two P. Audax spiderlings but recently today I found this other species and I need help identifiying it. If it helps any I live in Southern California. It also appears one of the back legs isn’t working I know I didn’t harm it with the container when...
  17. DeathByGlam

    Possible mystery sling?

    Soo... i am slightly confused, i have received a second sling labelled C. Argentinensis (as a freebie) but this one doesn’t look like the first one. It is much lighter. Can two slings from the same species look different? Or do i have a mystery sling in my hands? Sling1: sling 2:
  18. Grandsouls

    Help me identify my Avicularia!

    Shes only about 3 inches or so so not sure if you'll be able to tell. Sorry for the quality, not great, Although does not show up super well, her hairs on legs are fairly red, and very very red/orange with the tiger stripes of black on the side, and the black stripe in the middle. She has...
  19. C

    What is my Tarantula Sling?

    I found this sling in Sunflower Arizona almost a year ago and im still having trouble trying to find out what he might be. Someone have any suggestions?
  20. M

    Tarantula identification

    I went into a pet sore and they had this one tarantula that had apparently been there for awile. Part of the problem is that it was unlabeled for a long time. The other was that they "didnt know it was going to be mean". They gave it to me for free to get it out of the store. They labeled it a...