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  1. Prized catch.jpg

    Prized catch.jpg

    Today was feeding day and this gal surprised me by completely ignoring the roach I offered her, ran down my arm, and plucked the largest roach out of the feeder cup. She then placidly walked back into her enclosure and feasted. She is now my favorite. (Hyllus diardi)
  2. Alabamabones

    I need a bit of help again

    So i was feeding my pink toe and i accidentally dropped two crickets in his tank (one was medium and the other a bit larger) hes about the size of my thumb, and im not sure if i should be worried and try to remove the other one, or just leave them be any suggestions?
  3. Alabamabones

    I need a bit of help

    So i got my pink toe tarantula about a month ago but wasnt entirely sure on the feeding of it, i read somewhere that its supposed to be fed once a day for four days then again after six or ten days but i wanted to make sure its alright, can anyone confirm since i am new to this whole thing...
  4. glitchsixxle

    Pamphobeteus Nigricolor sling feeding!

    I've been in the hobby a bit over two months now and already have 10 slings! Got this rare baby at a good price and its eating well! Tends to stay out in the open and I'm digging its christmas tree pattern. This is one of the species I wouldn't mind landing a male :')
  5. A


    Good Morning, So I was walking through one of the local pet stores the other day not looking for anything and left with a Red Knee. My wife hates me right now!! This is the first T. I have owned and I have been searching for T. info so I have a few questions that I know one of the many experts...
  6. Tarantulex

    C. Versicolor sling feeding

    Hi everyone about a month ago I got a c versicolor sling. It is probably 1/4-1/2 an inch. My issue is it won't eat anything besides flightless fruit flies which I've come to learn have very poor nutritional value. I've tried dubia legs, dubia nymphs, pieces of mealworm, a small live mealworm...
  7. A girl needs to eat

    A girl needs to eat

    My female OBT enjoying her meal.
  8. Jacqueline King

    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    I was just feeding my avic metallica a small roach and accidentally dropped it in her web & when I looked in I realized there was a fresh molt in there! I panicked because I know if she attempts to eat before her fangs harden, that could be potentially fatal. Her web is shaped kind of like a...
  9. AL the chalcodes

    AL the chalcodes

    Smooching a cricket. Or is he giving it mouth to mouth?
  10. Avic's first mealworm

    Avic's first mealworm

    Love the gooey guts beading out of the worm lol
  11. P irminia feeding

    P irminia feeding

    First feeding after molt, suspect male Sorry for red light
  12. P irminia's first roach

    P irminia's first roach

    Her previous owner fed her mealworms and crickets. Here is her first meal in my care. A nice juicy B lat
  13. Avic Feeding.mov

    Avic Feeding.mov

    Video of our A. avicularia feeding on a female cricket handing from her ovipositor (egg tube)
  14. Feeding compilation with awesome music

    Feeding compilation with awesome music

    I made an amazing video of feeding some of my slings, and an extra attack from my c. Cyaneopubescens. Hopr you like it, cause I did!
  15. Tapi double clutching, aka holding a pair

    Tapi double clutching, aka holding a pair

  16. Mugsy

    Advice on keeping P. Regalis communal

    I just bought 2x p.regalis slings and I need advice on how to care for them and how often do I feed them.
  17. D

    Old-world not eating

    On either the 15th or the 16th of December, I got a few more Ts to add to my collection, and one of them happened to be my first old-world, a female Cameroon Rust Baboon (Hysterocrates gigas). Evidently I'm aware of how aggressive and stubborn they are, as well as how reclusive their nature is...
  18. Superworm time!

    Superworm time!

    She loves them! And me too because they stay alive long and they eat dogfood
  19. Feeding my acanthoscurria geniculata

    Feeding my acanthoscurria geniculata

    I finally succeeded to post a video. I gave my acanthoscurria a superworm.
  20. Luna

    Unsure when to feed my A. Chalcodes.

    Hi! So, going from my beautiful Cobalt to this species, I've noticed I can't tell when she wants to eat! I've only found her in the 'murder time' pose once, otherwise I'm unable to really tell when she's hungry. Anyone have any definitive signs they use? I just toss some dubias in there, but...