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  1. LtSnep

    Time for some eats Big Ounce!

    My T. Albo, Big Ounce, enjoying a tasty Dubia! I love this fluffy lil fella lol. Have a great day everyone!
  2. B

    Super weak tarantula refusing food

    My nephew bought a tarantula without his mother's permission and long story short, he got caught and my sister gave the spider to me because she can't stand them. I have some experience with exotics, but I've never cared for a tarantula before, however I do have the disposable income to set up a...
  3. Clementine

    Feeding trouble

    Hello :] I know this is very silly, but I recently got a new tarantula, a Trinidad Dwarf juvenile, and I've been having some issues/concerns about feeding her. She's my first tarantula old enough to eat live food, but I'm not super sure of how to do that? I don't feel comfortable leaving live...
  4. Sorafromkh2

    Is there anything wrong with sparingly offering food the same size or even bigger than your Ts abdomen?

    I generally stick to the rule that prey should be a little smaller, or half smaller than your tarantulas abdomen, but what about feeding larger prey, then waiting a longer time to feed them than you usually do? Like say i fed my dwarf T thats 3”, and her abdomen’s about a little under a 1”, a...
  5. H

    My T is barely eating and abdomen is shrinking

    Hello, I have a mature male Salmon Pink, he’s been with me for a while now and he’s my first T. He had his ultimate molt a little while ago now, I would say 3 months, maybe. And I’ve noticed he barely eats, which is normal as I understand male T’s stop or slow down eating after maturity...
  6. remington

    B albiceps sling looking thinner, not eating

    I got a 1/2 inch B albiceps sling roughly three weeks ago. I keep it in a top ventilated 50 dram vial filled halfway with sub. It has a hide, moss, and a water dish. Half the sub is kept lightly moist. I see it moving around sometimes, just yesterday I caught it grooming near the water dish...
  7. S

    Pink Toe Feeding Question

    I've had a pink toe tarantula for almost 6 months now, and the only way he will eat is if his worm is placed in his web. He molted a couple weeks ago, and I had to clean out his web because he got too big for it. He hasn't started building a new web, and also won't eat. I've tried putting his...
  8. S

    Post-moult GBB isn't eating, over 21 days later?

    Please excuse me as I'm still fairly new to the hobby, and this is my first tarantula. It's a juvenile GBB of undetermined sex. I've tried feeding it once a week post-moult, but so far - it has expressed no interest, with the exception of semi-grabbing a roach. I've also tried feeding it...
  9. Phlogius sp "Eunice" takedown

    Phlogius sp "Eunice" takedown

  10. remington

    Feeding a new sling

    Hello all, After months of deliberation, I have finally acquired my first tarantula. It’s a B hamorii that’s about a half inch, I would say. Its abdomen is bigger than I expected it would be, and now I’m squarely conflicted on whether to feed it or wait a week or two. I need some more seasoned...
  11. E

    Mites on my Avicularia Avicularia???

    I bought this Avic about 6-8 weeks ago. I got it unsexed & appx. 3". It was VERY inexpensive, so I was a bit surprised, but I tried not to look a gift horse in the mouth & just be grateful. I did notice that "her" abdomen was very, very skinny, however, the seller couldn't tell me when she had...
  12. Mandysaurus

    Question about King African Baboon feeding/burrow

    Hey all! Newbie here - but not a newbie to tarantula care - but newbie to my baboon T. "Spooks Deville". I thought this might be a good place to get some insight on the habits of this species. It seems as though she has built herself a barricade at the opening of her little hut and webbed the...
  13. Curly hair just don't care

    Curly hair just don't care

    usually skittish, T albopilosus Nicaraguan female with a cricket tolerates my camera and I
  14. Choppalop

    Dinner Time!

    Feeding time for this one.
  15. C cyaneopubescens

    C cyaneopubescens

    Gnarly fangs
  16. Prized catch.jpg

    Prized catch.jpg

    Today was feeding day and this gal surprised me by completely ignoring the roach I offered her, ran down my arm, and plucked the largest roach out of the feeder cup. She then placidly walked back into her enclosure and feasted. She is now my favorite. (Hyllus diardi)
  17. Alabamabones

    I need a bit of help again

    So i was feeding my pink toe and i accidentally dropped two crickets in his tank (one was medium and the other a bit larger) hes about the size of my thumb, and im not sure if i should be worried and try to remove the other one, or just leave them be any suggestions?
  18. Alabamabones

    I need a bit of help

    So i got my pink toe tarantula about a month ago but wasnt entirely sure on the feeding of it, i read somewhere that its supposed to be fed once a day for four days then again after six or ten days but i wanted to make sure its alright, can anyone confirm since i am new to this whole thing...
  19. glitchsixxle

    Pamphobeteus Nigricolor sling feeding!

    I've been in the hobby a bit over two months now and already have 10 slings! Got this rare baby at a good price and its eating well! Tends to stay out in the open and I'm digging its christmas tree pattern. This is one of the species I wouldn't mind landing a male :')
  20. A


    Good Morning, So I was walking through one of the local pet stores the other day not looking for anything and left with a Red Knee. My wife hates me right now!! This is the first T. I have owned and I have been searching for T. info so I have a few questions that I know one of the many experts...