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  1. Tapi double clutching, aka holding a pair

    Tapi double clutching, aka holding a pair

  2. Mugsy

    Advice on keeping P. Regalis communal

    I just bought 2x p.regalis slings and I need advice on how to care for them and how often do I feed them.
  3. D

    Old-world not eating

    On either the 15th or the 16th of December, I got a few more Ts to add to my collection, and one of them happened to be my first old-world, a female Cameroon Rust Baboon (Hysterocrates gigas). Evidently I'm aware of how aggressive and stubborn they are, as well as how reclusive their nature is...
  4. Superworm time!

    Superworm time!

    She loves them! And me too because they stay alive long and they eat dogfood
  5. Feeding my acanthoscurria geniculata

    Feeding my acanthoscurria geniculata

    I finally succeeded to post a video. I gave my acanthoscurria a superworm.
  6. Luna

    Unsure when to feed my A. Chalcodes.

    Hi! So, going from my beautiful Cobalt to this species, I've noticed I can't tell when she wants to eat! I've only found her in the 'murder time' pose once, otherwise I'm unable to really tell when she's hungry. Anyone have any definitive signs they use? I just toss some dubias in there, but...
  7. Mvtt70

    Tarantula Feeding Video (Some pretty awesome species)

    First tarantula feeding video, featuring I think 13-14 Ts which isn't even a third of the ones I have. Let me know what you guys think and any interaction with the channel is appreciated, thank you.
  8. martiannova

    Wild feeding?

    I had a question about varying tarantula diets. Ive heard some people will catch wild insects to feed to their t's as a means of increasing diet variety. Is this a good idea? My T's live off a staple of dubias, with crickets and mealworms sprinkled in now and then. Should I be doing more to vary...
  9. D

    Difficulty with Mealworms

    i have been trying to feed my T using mealworms, but the moment i drop my mealworm into the enclosure it just digs down under the substrate and dissapears. Is there anything i could do to stop this?
  10. Laurebai

    G. Pulchra Pre-molt or just living her best life?

    Hello all, relatively new to the hobby, got my first T about 18 months ago, but first time sling owner. I've got an adult striped-knee, and previously had a pink-toe who, unfortunately was lost to a molting accident, so I tend to get nervous around molts, especially any of my babies first one...
  11. F

    Help feeding first tarantula. Am i in trouble here?

    So I tried to feed my Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly hair tarantula) today for the first time. This is my first spider, and the gal at the pet store said he will eat twice a week, mealworms. I dropped one in and all that is happening is my spider is basically trying to escape the mealworm (which...
  12. trantula_vixxen_420

    sling feeding

    How often should or can I feed my sling? Its a p.cambridgei and has eaten every 2 days since I got it. Super quick to come and snatch a cricket everytime. Lord knows I wouldn't want to over feed or cause any issues or molding in the enclosure due to uneaten crickets.
  13. Zarshenyu

    Should i feed him?

    Hello :) My T has molt 1 week ago. I also see that the fang is already black. But his upper mouth is still reddish brown. I asked the seller if i should feed him or not, and he answered yes. At first, my T seems he interested to catch the crickets. He chased it. Later, the crickets fell down...
  14. Zarshenyu

    Feeding when premolt?

    Hello :) Maybe it's a dumb question but i still concern to ask.. Should i feed my B. Albo when he's in premolt? Here's how he looks like now. Lately, he likes to move around near the dish. Sometimes he put his leg inside the dish. The humidity is around 80%-90% inside the enclosure...
  15. A Rare View of Drinking Tarantula

    A Rare View of Drinking Tarantula

    I just woke up from my nap and i felt like have a really massive gut feeling to check my B. Albopilosum. And this is what i found! A tarantula drinking from his dish! You can see his fang on the dish :D
  16. KIA_PETE

    Why is my GBB always like this XD

    My GBB trying its hardest to be a Facehugger.
  17. KIA_PETE

    Greenbottle blue feeding Picture + HD Video

    Like feeding video's with over the top dramatic music? I was messing around with some new video software.
  18. A

    Infection/abcess of female Dubia wing?

    Just discovered one of my adult female dubias looking ill with one of her wing stubs filled with fluid? Does anyone know what this is and what would cause it? Thank you.
  19. Mugsy

    Best way to feed slings?

    So I have a sling B albiceps and was wondeing what would be the best way to feed them. Do they like it pre-killed or live?
  20. What Crickets See Before They Go To Heaven

    What Crickets See Before They Go To Heaven

    Just fang and mouth of my B. Albo :D