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Hello :] I know this is very silly, but
I recently got a new tarantula, a Trinidad Dwarf juvenile, and I've been having some issues/concerns about feeding her.
She's my first tarantula old enough to eat live food, but I'm not super sure of how to do that? I don't feel comfortable leaving live insects in her enclosure, since there's no real way to tell if she's actually eaten anything, plus leaving a cricket or mealworm to run amuck just seems like bad news! But she doesn't come out to snatch food up, so whatevers in there has a chance to hide away.
The best thing I can think of is injuring the food enough that it will definitely die and be immobilized, but it still lively enough to squirm so she'll notice it, which feels,,, cruel but perhaps necessary? I've watched feeding videos before and usually in those the spider just yonks em up right away, so I've been feeling a little lost!
Ah, maybe I'm overthinking, but last time I had issues people here had wonderful insight so, I thought I might as well share.
(Also, I'm not really sure how to respond to people's comments on here, but just know I read and deeply appreciate them!)


Hi I am a new keeper 1 year next month I usually feed a Dubai roach and just give the head a crush with tweezers if not gone the next day I remove it I do this with my juvi old world or I wait for them to hang out inside there enclosure then I know there probably hungry, but I'm only learning and this work's for me.

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Depends on the size but if they are hungry and the prey is the right size for the spider it will grab it . But don't ever leave a meal worm in it will just bury . A single correct size cricket can be left in over night if not taken straight away .
or just crush the head of whatever you are feeding then if it's not taken fish it out the next day .


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I have a few Cyriocosmus elegans & the slings get beheaded mealworms. I always behead mealworms, as they will burrow & if they develop, then the Darkling beetles could be an issue. So always behead them. And mealworms will continue to move for a good 48 hours.

For my larger elegans I use small live crickets.


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I'll second mealworms with their head crushed. You can even cut them in half if you have more than one to feed.

If you have a few bigger ones around, you can always try giving it cricket "drumsticks." I always have a few legs come off when I'm grabbing them for feeding the rest of my crew. I get mixed reactions with those.

When they are real small, unless you see them doing it, it is hard to tell if they are eating at all. I just keep offering it, then removing it the next day.

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It could also be in premolt if its not taking food . the species is normal a fast growers like most dwarfs .

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