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Mites on my Avicularia Avicularia???


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I bought this Avic about 6-8 weeks ago. I got it unsexed & appx. 3". It was VERY inexpensive, so I was a bit surprised, but I tried not to look a gift horse in the mouth & just be grateful. I did notice that "her" abdomen was very, very skinny, however, the seller couldn't tell me when she had molted last. I set about to get her fattened up ASAP but had about a 2 week learning curve where she wouldn't take prey at all; either from tongs, the floor, live, dead, roaches, crickets, red runners, etc. I finally got her to eat & found out how & what she would accept from me. Now shes eating 1 LG r.runner per week, but not gaining any weight. She spends a LOT of time upside down on the lid of her plastic enclosure or JUST peeking out of her vertical log, so I can't always get the best look at her top/rump. A few days ago, I noticed white flecks/flakes covering her backside/legs. I've read so much about mites & that they are mostly harmless, but my concerns are this: she is very "slow" (compared to my other morph 1 Avic), she isn't an aggressive eater, she isn't gaining weight, etc. Could these mites be negatively affecting her? I went ahead & put a pill bottle with TINY holes, Vaseline & a dying roach in the bottom of her enclosure to draw them off. Should I do more? Should I worry? I have more pics if needed. Sorry for long post! Thanks in advance!


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These are not predatory mites, they are actually beneficial in controlled numbers. Let the substrate completely dry out to lower their population. Move the water dish around also so its always dry underneath. I have also found placing a small carrot , raw steak, in the enclosure also will help attract them. Just replace the item used daily until the population is controlled. If you use meat and the spider eats it no worries.

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