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avicularia avicularia

  1. O

    My pink toe is dying?

    Hi! Please please help. I have had my male pink toe for about 10 months. He has his final molt about four months ago. Since i’ve had him, he’s not been a big eater…he always runs from food or just wants nothing to do with it. The last time he ate was a few weeks after his final molt. I’ve...
  2. S

    Avicularea Enclosure Size Question

    Hey there! I am just starting out my journey into tarantula keeping and I'm not sure what size of a tank to get. The spider I'm getting is an Avicularia Purpurea, hopefully female, so the leg span will be around 5". I have seen a lot of enclosures that are 8"W 8"L 12"H and i was wondering if...
  3. O

    New Avicularia avicularia

    The name is Princess Peach. The cutest new member of the family
  4. N

    Airplane Trip

    I lived in Manaus - Amazonia and captured an Avicularia Avicularia, I would like to know if there would be any problems creating it there as it was captured directly from nature, and if there is any way I can travel by plane with it as I will return to my hometown.
  5. strawberrybloom

    Sexing my Avicularia aviculara.

    I can never get a hold of a molt of this fella as they always end up shredding it. But they’re about “2”-“2.5”inches in size. I got a good pic of them up against the glass and was hoping someone on here could help me sex them. Hoping for a female but I don’t know what to look for.
  6. What a difference a day makes

    What a difference a day makes

    Avicularia avicularia sac, pulled after 60 days, incubated a week
  7. Mom's first sac

    Mom's first sac

    Female avicularia acquired in a trade paired with one of my 4 early-pandemic avic males (now a MM)
  8. C

    Introduction :)

    I started my journey falling in love with and eventually purchasing my first tarantula last March (2021) I had experience taking care of t's in the past but had never owned my own! They are called "Luci" :) I am unsure of sex as they are my first and I got them reeeeally small. They have had 5...
  9. C

    Aviculara avicularia

    Almost adult colours now. Anyone experienced in sexing?
  10. Avicularia avicularia female

    Avicularia avicularia female

    She matured December 2021 and is ready to breed
  11. Rehoused A avic female for pairing

    Rehoused A avic female for pairing

    Rehoused her for breeding project
  12. E

    Mites on my Avicularia Avicularia???

    I bought this Avic about 6-8 weeks ago. I got it unsexed & appx. 3". It was VERY inexpensive, so I was a bit surprised, but I tried not to look a gift horse in the mouth & just be grateful. I did notice that "her" abdomen was very, very skinny, however, the seller couldn't tell me when she had...
  13. SpiderCafe

    US MM C elegans and few others

    MM C elegans, paired up once in September, still eating and going strong $50 4 inch Megaphobema robustum $75 5 inch suspected female Tliltocatl albopilosum- $50 5 inch suspected female Aphonopelma seemani- $60 5 inch female Avic avic- $60 All great beginners species. Letting go for cheap and...
  14. Avicularia avicularia morphotype 6

    Avicularia avicularia morphotype 6

    She just molted and ate yesterday for the first time.
  15. Avicularia avicularia sac

    Avicularia avicularia sac

    Paired her with the sane male several times between end of March and mid May, today I saw her sitting on a sac
  16. "Mikey" having a roach slurpee

    "Mikey" having a roach slurpee

    Juvenile Avicularia avicularia almost ready for a rehouse
  17. A

    Unsexed Avic Avic Pedipalps Turned Grey After Molt...?

    So as a new tarantula hobbyist I purchased my first tarantula, an unsexed Avicularia Avicularia, from a retail pet chain about 6 months ago and we've been doing great! Eating, webbing, everything is going smoothly until we had a very long and tiring pre-molt. My avic protested food for a month...
  18. P

    What species is my T?

    I was told it’s a pink tie tarantula at the store when I got it but it doesn’t look like the baby pictures of them I see online.
  19. P

    T keeps disappearing

    Hello. I am new to owning a tarantula. It is an avicularia avicularia. It keeps DISAPPEARING. Idk where she goes. I just see empty tank for a while and then she’s like right there. Does anyone know what she’s doing?
  20. A. Avicularia

    A. Avicularia

    First attempt at focus stacking an image. Needs some work but still a beautiful tarantula.