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avicularia avicularia

  1. Avic drinking

    Avic drinking

    I've seen her around the water dish before but never drinking until today.
  2. Avic's first mealworm

    Avic's first mealworm

    Love the gooey guts beading out of the worm lol
  3. Avic Feeding.mov

    Avic Feeding.mov

    Video of our A. avicularia feeding on a female cricket handing from her ovipositor (egg tube)
  4. D

    US 3 MM tarantulas for breeding

    Wasn't exactly sure where in the forum to post this. I have three mature male tarantulas of the following species. I am looking for breeding opportunities for them. Let me know if you can help. Dates listed are the dates they matured. Avicularia Avicularia 9/10/19 Hapalopus sp. columbia 1/27/20...
  5. ItsJustDan

    How do I Keep Humidity In Tank? (20 Gallon Screen Lid)

    Long story short, My brother has a Bearded Dragon, He got a new tank, Was going to throw away the old one but I wanted to see if I can somehow turn it into a Pink toe Enclosure. I believe its a 20 Gallon tank Length 30.5 IN Height 13 IN Width 13.125 IN What I had before was a 3...
  6. Terrariumerrific

    Pink Toe update

    Hey all so when I got this little Pink Toe a while back some of you were nice enough to tell me some tips of keeping it happy and alive. Here several months later to report it was a success and we are two more molts bigger than before! I need help naming this one somehow I've had it nearly a...
  7. S

    help me sex my tarantula!

    hi guys!! im having a hard time sexing one of my metallic pink toes, can i get some help?!
  8. Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Coming from the shadows...
  9. Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

    Avicularia avicularia "metallica" - Hermione

  10. Avicularia Kael

    Kael's Avicularia avicularia Journal!

    Hi! I recently got an adult female Pink Toe Tarantula, she is 3.5 inches long and may still be growing.
  11. Terrariumerrific

    Heating help for Wisconsin owner?

    Hello all, last week I acquired my first tarantula, an avicularia avicularia, about an inch and a half long from the front to the back toes. I've read a few comments here today about how heating lamps and moist substrates are not best for the genus. My worry is that I essentially live in the...
  12. Terrariumerrific

    My first tarantula :)

    No names as of yet but I love the color and the fuzziness. It's only about a year old and very (lightning) fast when ir moves. Hangs on the outside of the tank every time I open the top.
  13. N

    Pinktoe Tarantula Enclosure Advice Needed.

    So I just got a pinktoe tarantula, and I've heard that the fact sheets online can't be trusted. I know it's arboreal, and I've got a good cage, but I'm not quite sure how hot or humid it should be in there. I've just been spraying anyway. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Reptilian Nation Expo


    All New Reptile Expo in Denver, CO.!!! This will be our 10th event, but 1st time in Denver, so please show your support!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale!! Tons of Breeders/Vendors. Shows and Exhibits.. DATES/TIMES July 21, 2018 (10am-5pm) July 22, 2018...
  15. Floodmeister

    Should I be worried?

    So I fed my Avic a mealworm around 2-3 days ago, which it finished eating by the time I got home the next day, I haven't noticed anything wrong the past few days. But when I got home I saw it like this, and my first thought is molting, but 5 mins later it moved to a different position and looked...
  16. spiderpaws


    Hi! I just signed up for tarantula forums, and I have five tarantulas currently (a. chalcodes, a. seemani, b. vagans, l. parahybana, and n. chromatus). I am looking into breeding tarantulas, and am researching everything possible for a successful pairing of avicularia avicularia (guyana pink...