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  1. ItsukinoKira

    A. coronatus enclosure with random bugs (?)

    Hi!! I have an Acanthoprynus coronatus (her name is Treffy) in an enclosure with a piece of wood and a plant on it c: Recently I found some random bugs that wasn't there before and I'm not sure if they would be a problem for Treffy... I tried to get a photo and a video, they are quite small...
  2. PorAmorArt

    Canada Canadian-made enclosures shipping Worldwide BOXING WEEK SALE

    We are having a 20% off sale that ends Saturday. We have enclosures for small species or young critters. Click here to check out the spider section!
  3. T

    My tarantula webbed the entrance of her hide?

    I have an AZ blonde that webbed up her hide a couple of days ago so I assumed I would be witnessing a moly which I’d never seen before. But she keeps waiting at her entrance like she wants to catch something and I’m getting confused and concerned. She webbed it up again today and pushed some...
  4. Arlo

    Is my Exo-Terra enclosure good for my T?

    Hear me out. I know the use of Exo-Terra enclosures for terrestrials is pretty controversial in this community BUT I have made quite a few modifications to my 12x12x12 cube for my curly hair and would like to get your opinion on it. First of all, the pesky mesh lid had to go. It's been...
  5. Mean.uwu

    T. Vagan enclosure

    Hi,, I've been thinking of rehousing my T since her enclosure is kind of mid I was wondering if anyone had any advice for specific brands that make good enclosures. Also how large should it be? (she's about 4 years old) Oh and what's the general thoughts on mushrooms growing in the...
  6. N

    A lil help?

    Hi guys! Right I have my new Tarantula, I'm very nervous with them as I've never been one for spiders but I'm determined to change that. I have them in small stackable tubs (ones they came with) but I want to get them nicer enclosures. I've never been one for keeping animals in tubs as I...
  7. S

    Pink Toe Feeding Question

    I've had a pink toe tarantula for almost 6 months now, and the only way he will eat is if his worm is placed in his web. He molted a couple weeks ago, and I had to clean out his web because he got too big for it. He hasn't started building a new web, and also won't eat. I've tried putting his...
  8. Arlo

    Best 5/6 gallon enclosure for a T?

    Hey everyone! My T. Albo, my little bulldozer, has finally defeated all laws of gravity with her tunnels but she is not quite happy with her work yet. It's clear she finally needs more space and I've been looking for a tank everywhere but can't find exactly what I need. I'm in need of a 5 or...
  9. J

    Advice wanted for my cold climate housing setup. Heat pads etc.

    Hello, I’ve purchased a 50 gal tank for $50 at petco! I’ve made similar enclosures previously on a smaller scale that were successful. Im currently reusing my 4 heat mats that are only 4-8 watts each. they are mounted on the sides and back of the tank. I’ve used heat tape over them and then laid...
  10. MajinBuuSama

    Some questions M.balfouri

    Hello guys! I've been missing here for a while, I've had the new enclosure for my tarantula for a while too, is 30x25x25. This Is the Enclosure: https://www.aquariumline.com/catalog/diversa-terrario-vetro-apertura-scorrevole-p-18992.html (I also put a pic) I'm waiting for a person to put she...
  11. J

    Adequate ventilation for caribena versicolor?

    Hello, I’ve kept two c versicolors previously in these exoterra enclosures except they had steel mesh tops which was a ton of ventilation. I replaced the tops with plastic to help retain heat in these colder months and to avoid their feet getting stuck in the mesh (it happened at once with my...
  12. MajinBuuSama

    M. balfouri Enclosures

    Hey friends! Around the 28th of this month I have a friend That will make to me a custom-made enclosures, and I thought a 30x30x30 for my M.Balfouri, would these dimensions be fine? Then I wish I could have some Advice on setting up, I would very much like a Bio terrarium with Plants.. can it...
  13. Keymond69

    l.parahybana Housing

    Hi guys, is this an ok set up for my 4 inch l.parahybana , substrate is slightly damp soil ? Is the size of the enclosure okay ?
  14. Phototoxin

    G. Pulchripes Enclosures

    So I'm hoping to get some juvenile/sub adult g.pulchripes (aka chaco golden knee) that are approx 3cm body length. I have yet to place in water dishes which will be milk-cartol lids. Everything has been cleaned/sterilised. I have made holes all around with one side being approx. 1cm lower on...
  15. U

    Tarantula in hide, Need to move cities

    Hey guys, so my Juvenile T (T. Albopilosus) went into her hide on the 14th Dec 2020, I assume to molt etc. the problem is I am planning on moving to a whole new city before the 16th of Jan , and I am taking a bus, the bus ride will be 24 Hours- I am hoping she comes out of her hide before then...
  16. Angelo

    Is my T stirmi enclosure enough size or too small?

    Thoughts on the size of the enclosure for this guy? He is nearly 7 inches i think. I just got him yesterday. The height of the enclosure is about 7 inches, with 2 inches of substrate. Do i need a much taller enclosure for him?
  17. ZacharyP

    My Setup

    I hope this is where I post something like this. I’m trying to be more of a participant on this forum so.....here’s how I keep my tarantulas. The enclosures up front (10 terrestrial and 4 arboreal) are acrylic from DreamCo plastics. The substrate is a mixture of coco fibre and sand. The water...
  18. Keymond69

    Theraphosa blondi HELP

    I'm ordering a 10 cm blondi for 95 quid off so many legs, I need some help with the enclosure,substrate and humidity. Could somebody please educate me on the best set up please. UK Would be very grateful .
  19. Bazaar

    Proud to show-off our Vivarium

    What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement? My son and I just got into the hobby, and started to bond more during COVID. We're happy to add two new slings, our Cameroon Red Baboon (Hysterocrates Gigas) and Antilles Pinktoe (Caribena Versicolor). Two Styles of Enclosures We hand...
  20. mrotsliah

    Jail Break?

    I have a lasiodora parahybana. I've had her in a 10 gallon tank with a metal screen top for several months now. Lately, she has been climbing all over the walls and on the screen top. I'm scared that she will fall. She has her fangs through the screen holes (see picture), and she seems to be...