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  1. Jacqueline King

    Suspended water dish for a. avic?

    Hi, I'm an insect enthusiast/owner who is new to owning a tarantula. I've read different things about ensuring the hydration of my avic. The breeder said they would get almost all of their hydration from their prey and not to worry about a water dish, but that doesn't seem right. Some people...
  2. Tootsie Is Out!

    Tootsie Is Out!

    Right after rehousing, they went into a molt. Now they're out and about. My sweet little p. irminia.
  3. Crax

    Too Moist?

    Well... I figured since there seems to be debate and people have certainly get heated. While others cheer them on, I thought it would be a great topic of discussion. What is too moist? Should I dry out my slings? Should I dry out my enclosures while my tarantula's are molting? Should I...
  4. Crax

    How to keep a nice pokie :D

    Anyone else have the most chilled pokie? Izzy is a confirmed male poecilotheria regalis and quite the relaxed little beast. I do add stimuli to his enclosure and have done since he was tiny. Such as a tattoo ink cap to carry around, more moss than usual to carry about, two different hides...
  5. New home?

    New home?

    Piggy, a holothele longipes, enjoying their new home.
  6. Ahoy maties!

    Ahoy maties!

    An exo-terra for my acanthoscurria musculosa juvenile. She was 5cm at the time she arrived.
  7. Tootsie's new enclosure

    Tootsie's new enclosure

    A nano for a p. irminia's juvenile enclosure.
  8. Brachypelma albopilosum

    Gbb enclosure

    So I'm planning on buying a gbb, and I'm already making a enclosure. So I'm looking for some information about the gbb and especially the enclosure. I want to know exactly everything it needs, think of depth of substrate, does it need a burrow. I've read it needs bone dry substrate, but still 60...
  9. G

    Is this size enclosure okay

    I have a GBB sling just wondering if the size of this enclosure is okay
  10. Mvtt70

    P. ornata AF enclosure

    Permanent enclosure for my P. ornata female I got yesterday.
  11. Huntzman90

    Exo terra : anyone had this problem?

    Ok so its been roughly a month since ive seen my Brachypelma Albopilosum.. Which is a little odd as its usually quite active even in pre-molt. Well today i discovered why... Its decided to burrow behind the styrofoam background. Ive since cleared more substrate from the 'burrow entrance' (a...
  12. T

    Redid Enclosure, T seems umcomfortable

    So I just picked up my first T, a female Brachypelma Hamorrii about half a week ago, and she's awesome! I went to a local pet store a couple of days ago and picked up a Eco Earth compact brick, and a hide for her. After adding water, the coco fiber grew, and I left it outside so it could dry...
  13. Pinkyx92

    Tips and Tricks for T enclosures!

    Greetings to all who come across this thread! I would like to share some tips and tricks to having a beautiful T enclosure (can work for most inverts and even reptiles!) 1. Money don't grow on trees, but WOOD/BARK and other awesome decor DO! A lot of vendors sell you decorative pieces they got...
  14. Huntzman90

    Uh oh, looks like mold!

    Ok im a bit of a noob at this. So i need some advice from the experts. I just rehoused my B. Albopilosum for the first time since getting it (unsexed) as a tiny sling. The reptile store owner suggested using a fairly large container with a fairly large hide. He said the T would grow into it...
  15. D

    Humid enclosure

    hey I just made a new enclosure for my brachypelma. I used coco husks as the substrate. The substrate is pretty damp and the humidity shown in the hygrometer is 84%. Anyway to decrease the humidity without having to remove my T from the enclosure?? Thanks
  16. M

    Are these decorations for my enclosure safe for my T?

    Hello fellow tarantula owners! This is my first thread here, and I would be really glad to hear as many opinions as possible. My question is as follows: Can I use a real animal skull and a piece of snake skin as a decorative element in my T's enclosure? The skull will be from a wild cat, only...
  17. Zarshenyu

    Should i change the enclo?

    Hello. I have a juvenile male B. Albo. Now i think he's about to molt because his abdomen is pretty bald. Should i change the enclosure before his molt? I'm afraid that he would get stuck because the wrong size of the enclo. The size of enclosure Long: 18 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 8 cm. Thank...
  18. A Rare View of Drinking Tarantula

    A Rare View of Drinking Tarantula

    I just woke up from my nap and i felt like have a really massive gut feeling to check my B. Albopilosum. And this is what i found! A tarantula drinking from his dish! You can see his fang on the dish :D
  19. Dave Jay

    False Bottom

    I use false bottoms in enclosures requiring many different conditions but I find they are at their most beneficial when keeping arid or desert animals. It allows you to keep the surface mostly dry, avoiding mycosis and other problems associated with a higher than desirable humidity/moisture...
  20. JSReptilesUK

    P. Pulcher Enclosures

    Hi! Can I please see some of your enclosures for the above species? Mine is currently a 1cm sling, but looking for ideas for when s/he is bigger :) I have seen mixed opinions as to whether this is an arboreal or semi-arboreal species, so if anyone can clarify for me that would be great :)...