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How did you find Tarantula Forum?

How did you find us?

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A little bit of guess-work. Tried an good T-name for a site, An x-military friend, lent me a little, x-tra hand in finding this site!! hehe


Google search for me.

I've been hunting around the web (see what i did there? ;)) for afew weeks looking for better advice on T's when i found these forums, i had a little browse around and soon decided to join up, Looks a great place to stop by for a little advice now and then :)


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I was trying to register at another T forum but then the approval period is long that I was limited in posting.. so I searched for another forum and found this site.. :)


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Glad to hear you guys are finding us in the search results on top of the competition. We strive to do everything better than they do! Let us know how we can improve!

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