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  1. Arlo

    Best 5/6 gallon enclosure for a T?

    Hey everyone! My T. Albo, my little bulldozer, has finally defeated all laws of gravity with her tunnels but she is not quite happy with her work yet. It's clear she finally needs more space and I've been looking for a tank everywhere but can't find exactly what I need. I'm in need of a 5 or...
  2. 20210411_154148.jpg


    Female C. lividus- when you try to pack her up but she's just not ready to travel.....
  3. Phototoxin

    G. Pulchripes Enclosures

    So I'm hoping to get some juvenile/sub adult g.pulchripes (aka chaco golden knee) that are approx 3cm body length. I have yet to place in water dishes which will be milk-cartol lids. Everything has been cleaned/sterilised. I have made holes all around with one side being approx. 1cm lower on...
  4. Richieha2012

    G Pulchra Advice Needed

    Hey guys, many of you have helped me out on the Terrestial Suggestions thread I posted on General Discussion. I’m starting this one for advice or guidance on raising my G Pulchra sling. I’ve never raised them (or any sling this small) before. I noticed that this morning, the spiderling had found...
  5. Richieha2012

    Terrestrial Suggestions

    Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about getting another T to add to my little collection. I have an Avicularia Avicularia currently, and am wanting to look at getting a terrestrial species for my second one. Any suggestions on good terrestrial species I can look at? I’d prefer more docile and easier...
  6. 20201113_191103.jpg


    Adult female Ceratogyrus marshalli
  7. 20201010_144440.jpg


    7+" Theraphosa blondi
  8. 20201010_193820.jpg


    Pamphobeteus solaris enjoying a baby hisser.
  9. 20200904_150715.jpg


    Ceratogyrus marshalli- rehouse You'd think she would've appreciated the upgrade....you just can't satisfy some females... ;)
  10. 20200901_205035.jpg


    Homoeomma chilensis (ex: euathlus sp. red) "IGGY"
  11. 20200827_184343.jpg


    Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Gold"
  12. 20200827_220459.jpg


    Brachypelma auratum 1" sling
  13. 20200823_135954.jpg


    Lasiodora parahybana sub adult female
  14. 20200825_142245.jpg


    Pterinochilus murinus adult female
  15. 20200825_161254.jpg


    Sub adult female Nhandu tripepii
  16. 691F2F7A-07F3-46B4-A176-AE1EE504C4C8.jpeg


    G. Pulchra
  17. 20200814_152215.jpg


    6+" Female Brachypelma boehmi
  18. 20200811_184720.jpg


    5" Penult male Brachypelma baumgarteni
  19. 20200811_132431.jpg


    Harpactira pulchripes I noticed her making her "web bowl" lastnight and I just checked on her and sure enough she dropped a sac. :)
  20. 20200808_003318.jpg


    Nhandu tripepii sub adult female