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sling care

  1. jenny-o

    Feedback on a loss in my collection.

    I’m looking for help or feedback on my care and husbandry. I came home last night and went through my normal routine of checking on my slings to find my cyriocosmus leetzi wasn’t moving. It molted at the beginning of the month (the 4th I believe) and hasn’t eaten since. I found it sitting in...
  2. Brachypelma albopilosum


    I bought some slings and iam looking for more information. I bought these species: Heteroscodra maculata Brachypelma vagans Kochiana brunnides Chilobrachys fimbriatus Phormictopus cancerious
  3. A

    Help! sling is not eating

    So I have recently purchased two G. pulchra slings and they arrived one week ago. I have never owned tarantulas before so I am new to this. Anyways, one of them has already eaten two mealworms but one of my slings just won't eat. Does it still need time to adjust to the new environment. I really...
  4. Codes

    Are these good enough for my slings?

    Hi everyone, just got two 1/3 inch slings and I set up their enclosures as best as I could for how small they are, I packed down the substrate as tight as I could and also put sphagnum moss in each one soaked in water...is that good enough for now? P.s poked as much tiny holes as I could for the...
  5. Mugsy

    Best way to feed slings?

    So I have a sling B albiceps and was wondeing what would be the best way to feed them. Do they like it pre-killed or live?
  6. Mugsy


    Hi! I'm a newbie at this hobby and I've got a B. albiceps sling, any advice?
  7. Mugsy

    How long do I have to wait until I feed my B. albicep sling?

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner at keeping tarantulas and I wanted to ask a question. My B. albicep sling has just molted 3 days ago, I tried to feed it and he keeps refusing it what should I do?