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  1. MoraZEU

    Male or just baby

    Is this a baby or it s just a male one ? Curly hair tarantula In comparasion it l like my index finger with his legs spread
  2. MoraZEU

    My tarantula isn't moving

    Hello, my Brachypelma albopilosum just arrived, and I placed it intro the Terrarium , but it s not moving much , it only sits between a wooden bark and the glass . Humidity and Heat are in the parameters . I tried to feed it a cricket , but when I aproached it and placed it under her, she got...
  3. TokeHound

    Newest Additions

    I thought it would be fun to show off our newest additions whether you just bought them or maybe you got new babies! :) Mines a juvie Avic avic I can safely say this is my favourite species. <3
  4. hj20matl

    Hey Guys! I'm New Here!

    Just wanted to say hi and that I am new! Don't call me sexist, but i keep all female T's! This is what i got! G. Pulchra (Brazilian Black) G. Pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee) T. Vagans (Mexican Red Rump) A. Chalcodes (Arizona Blonde) A. Anax (Texas Tan) N. Chromatus (Brazilian Red and White) N...
  5. P

    I'm getting my first tarantula, i need help.

    Hi, i'm new to this forum. i'm getting my first tarantula soon (mexican red knee) and i need help finding the right enclosure for it. I need to know if this terrarium i found online is alright, in terms of size, ventilation, etc
  6. DeathByGlam

    Hello from Canada!

    Hi! I am quite new to the hobby and forum, I started keeping my first tarantula back in October 2019, a Tliltocatl albopilosum (Nicaraguan form), her funny diva-like personality won me over. She refuses to use the hide I provided and often simply hides her water dish if not burry it- I ordered a...
  7. Not my B.Vagans

    Need help. Mold maybe?

    Hi guys I just started tarantula keeping as a hobby a couple of weeks ago and I already have 4 Ts lol. I just saw this in my H. Pulchripes enclosure. Not sure if it’s mold or maybe even poop. I’ve only noticed it on that green leaf and also the webbing. Haven’t found any on the substrate but I’m...
  8. The Sweet Escape

    Hello everyone!

    How's it going!? Was looking for a place to hang, chat about spiders a little and maybe learn something new. Maybe this is it, who knows :) This is me if anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/theswtescape https://www.instagram.com/theswtescape All the best everyone!
  9. N. incei "Gold Form" female

    N. incei "Gold Form" female

    N. incei "Gold Form" female I just picked up at my LPS when buying crickets lol
  10. mrsoul1974

    Hello! New to the message board...

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the board. I have a GBB tarantula. I got it from Fear Not Tarantulas.com a little over a month ago, and it just molted last week! It's about 1.5" now. This if my first T in quite some time. I had a Pink-Toed about 20+ years ago, and I had a Carolina Wolf spider...
  11. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  12. Taya

    New Joiner

    Hello! I'm Taya and I have 21 Tarantulas, they're listed below Socotra island blue Singapore blue Giant white knee Pumpkin patch GBB Stripe knee Brazillian B&W Cobalt blue Cameroon red OBT Antilles pinktoe Chaco golden knee Curly hair Desert blonde Red Rump Salmon pink Rose grey Mexican fire leg...
  13. spiderllamas


    Hello, my name is Jill. I already have an account on arachnoboards, but this forum seems to have a really good community of tarantula owners! I only have one tarantula that I've had for a couple years now, but I'm thinking of getting more. The T that I have right now is just your regular every...
  14. C

    She needs a name :D

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and happy to be here, finally! :D I'm about to get my first tarantula, a beautiful G. Pulchripes, and I need name ideas for her! So far I've got Kula, which means "gold" in Hawaiian. ^^
  15. Inky

    Got my FIRST tarantula

    Hi! I am new and recently just ordered a Brachypelma baumgarteni (Mexican Orange Beauty) 1 1/4", any advice is greatly appreciated. It should come in a few days I am very excited!
  16. DreadedNeith

    Hello, new to the forum and hobby

    Just thought i would introduce myself and share a little bit about me. My name is justin and i live in upstate ny. I recently got into the hobby after a long time of being very fearful of spiders. I always thought tarantulas were interesting but i was always to scared to have one as a pet...