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new owner

  1. P

    Is my T a boy or girl

    I have been calling her Tina and I think she is a girl but I’m not really sure Bc this whole time I thought her butt was her head so now realizing she might be a boy. I’m very new to this. What do you think?
  2. K

    Curly Hair Behavior - Another New Owner Post

    First off: I’m so sorry about a third ‘new owner post’ ! I’ll try to post a little less but I figure better safe than sorry especially since I tend to be an anxious with a new pet So Saturday, the 25th I decided to try to feed her (my T Albo) again, since the last time she ate was at the hobby...
  3. K

    Recent tarantula owner, should i be worried or overthinking?

    After a bit of contemplation, my anxiety got the best of me and I wanted to make a post to look for help. 2 days ago I finally got my first tarantula; she’s a Tliltocatl albopilosus. I got her at a exotics pet shop and they said she molted about 4-5 weeks ago and she’s about 4 inches. last fed...
  4. A

    Help! sling is not eating

    So I have recently purchased two G. pulchra slings and they arrived one week ago. I have never owned tarantulas before so I am new to this. Anyways, one of them has already eaten two mealworms but one of my slings just won't eat. Does it still need time to adjust to the new environment. I really...
  5. Mugsy


    Hi! I'm a newbie at this hobby and I've got a B. albiceps sling, any advice?
  6. Terrariumerrific

    Heating help for Wisconsin owner?

    Hello all, last week I acquired my first tarantula, an avicularia avicularia, about an inch and a half long from the front to the back toes. I've read a few comments here today about how heating lamps and moist substrates are not best for the genus. My worry is that I essentially live in the...
  7. M

    Good Dwarf Tarantula?

    First off, I am new to this forum so I put it here because I do not know where else too. Also, this would be a first time owner of a tarantula. I am looking to get a tarantula. Being a little uncomfortable with them, I am looking for a dwarf species. I want a smaller one but I have a few...