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  1. E

    My juvenile t hasn’t molted in 4 months

    Hii, I have a juvenile pamphobeteus sp. Machala who has not been sexed yet. I’ve had her since November of last year and she lives in a 2 gallon- I’m worried because she hasn’t molted in a while, and she’s mainly stationary in her enclosure, I mist it twice a day and she didn’t take the last...
  2. Steindachneri


    Freshly molted, and the best part is we have a MATURE MALE FOR HER! :D CBCB steindachneri available next july! :D I hereby declare aphonopelma eutylenum to be the "False ebony tarantula" and Steindachneri is now the 'True Ebony Tarantula' I will now be using these common names. ACCEPT IT.
  3. R

    Greetings & requesting guidance!

    Hello everyone!! Just about a month and a half ago I got my first tarantula! I don’t believe I’m able to sex it yet, so I’ve decided it’s a girl named Morticia. Anyways she’s a pink toed tarantula and has the cutest little pink toes. Everything has seemed to be going well, but recently she...
  4. mrsoul1974

    Just molted curly hair...

    I think it's a girl.
  5. Isaac

    Test your Might!

    So I've raised inverts for a while, and it may be a bit nerdy but hey, we collect Tarantulas lol we're in a whole genre of our own right!! Anyways, I really enjoy this kind of situation, but it's not often I run into a good one like this, so I thought it would be fun for those experienced and...
  6. Isaac

    T apophysis 4"

    Theraphosa apophysis 4". Looking for confirmation on sex.
  7. Y

    Curly hair stuck in molt?

    Hi guys. I have an adult curly hair that i got from petco around July/August. I went on a 4 day vacation and just got home and she seems to be molting (she hasnt molted with me before), but she isnt moving at all. She is laying on her back under her half log currently. Should i be concerned? Im...
  8. Starlightkitsune

    What's the longest molt you've seen for a sling under 1/2" DLS?

    I was wondering what's the longest anyone here has had a molt take for spiderling under 1/2" in size? I ask because while checking on my spiderlings this morning my A. chalcodes who is very tiny was beginning their molt. I didn't disturb them or touch anything, just my normal morning peeking...
  9. mrsoul1974

    Waiting to flip...

    My G. PULCHRA just molted and waitingto flieje over! You can see the molt in the background.
  10. remington

    Share your before/after molt pictures

    I would love to see some of your before and after photos if y'all have any :) I don't have any, as my single sling has not yet molted in my care! :( But I will add my own to this thread when she finally does.
  11. DevinsCreatures

    Male? Too early to tell?

    Ceratogyrus darlingi. .5” These are the first baboons I’ve ever owned, so I have little experience with their spermatheca or sexing them properly. The organs seem spaced farther apart so does that mean male? Or would it be too early to tell at this stage?
  12. Arlo

    Shelob has molted and she is looking fabulous :)

    Remember when I was panicking about Shelob (T. Albo) not eating and webbing up the entrance of her burrow and you guys told me that I had no reason to worry and that she'd be molting soon? Guess what? You were right! Shelob molted on October 23rd and had her very first hornworm last night after...
  13. Titan Windscorpion

    Titan Windscorpion

    She has survived her molt. I must now obtain a male
  14. Aphonopelma johnnycashi

    Aphonopelma johnnycashi

    my huge female finally molted and looks amazing
  15. Choppalop

    My Man's 3rd Molt in 5 months!

    How amazing does he look fresh from a Molt!
  16. J

    What sex is my B. Smithi?

    So a few days ago i sexed my female A. Versicolor (8,5 cm molt). She had that M shaped spermato flap that makes it pretty clear that it is a female The flap on this B. Smithi (10,4 cm molt) is there but it is not M shaped. Idk why the pictures are where they are, but they went flying for some...
  17. P

    Is my T dying?

    He/she molted like a week ago, and now its on its back again. I'm scared it might be dying. It might be because we changed up the enclosure earlier today cause a superworm decided to burrow in the T's enclosure. Im pretty new to tarantula keeping too so i'm really scared.
  18. B

    G.pulchra molt

    Hey everyone, I can't make out anything on this molt. I am thinking male but also still too small to tell. This is a 1.5 to 1.75 in pulchra. Tried looking under a microscope but still wasn't really sure if I could make out anything. Attached are bunch of different photos in different lighting to...
  19. L

    Stirmi sexing & age

    Hi everyone :) I would be grateful for some of your opinions on the sex of my stirmi and also approximate age. Im quite sure Lydia is a female but being a novice I’m just best guessing based on what others have posted here! I can provide more images if needed. Also if anyone is able to...
  20. glitchsixxle

    Strange Avicularia molting process...

    My A. purpurea has never been a webber in the slightest since i got it, I simply figured that it would start webbing once it finally needed to molt. (lol i was wrong) Anyway I found its shed skin clinging to the side of its leaning corkbark. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It appears ok I'm...