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  1. ItsJustDan

    Pre-molt? Or Currently Molting ( Help)

    Hello! I have a Pinktoe Avic and I'm really hoping nothing's wrong with her. Shes been spending alot of time on the ground lately even though shes always on top of the enclosure. She never webs just chills on top But these last few weeks shes been on the ground not eating/barely moving. At night...
  2. U

    Moly or dying? Please help

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some useful or just reassuring information on my tarantula. First one I e ever owned and I’m afraid she is dead. She been like this for anywhere from 5-12 hours maybe more just for sure tho.
  3. Brachypelma albopilosum

    My gbb won't come out of its burrow.

    I have this gbb for about 3 months now, and it won't come out of that dumbass skull i bought her. She looks like in premolt and she doesn't eat anymore, but it's been 3 months now. Shouldn't she have molted already?
  4. 15723074827497415033842783399655.jpg


    Still kind of shy after the molt. Thinking of feeding on Wednesday (it's fangs look black, but i want to make sure they are hard enough).
  5. Her molts

    Her molts

    The molts of my acanthoscurria geniculata. I wanted to display them but when i tried to get one out the leg broke so im not touching them anymore. I like how big the difference is between them.
  6. Freshly molted acanthoscurria geniculata.

    Freshly molted acanthoscurria geniculata.

    My fresly molted acanthoscurria geniculata being a true hotty. As a reward i gave her a superworm. (the superworm is not in this photo as she ran into her burrow after giving her the worm.)
  7. Mvtt70

    Phormictopus auratus molt time-lapse

    Little time lapse video of my juvenile female P. auratus molting.
  8. mrsoul1974

    Hello! New to the message board...

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the board. I have a GBB tarantula. I got it from Fear Not Tarantulas.com a little over a month ago, and it just molted last week! It's about 1.5" now. This if my first T in quite some time. I had a Pink-Toed about 20+ years ago, and I had a Carolina Wolf spider...
  9. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  10. D


    it molted yesterday and i opened up the molt and took a photo of it. Leg span is around 8cm and body length is 5cm. Is it a male of female? Please help Thanks
  11. D

    Brachypelma is upside down(please help)

    my tarantula was fine 3 hours ago and i came to check on it now and saw it upside down. I wanted to know if it was molting or if something else happened. The humidity inside was really high. Im worried could someone explain what’s happening. Its leg span is around 7.5 cm and its body length is...
  12. D

    Need help pleaae

    i just got this tarantula today. I dont know the age or sex of the tarantula. How do i know how old it must be and is it close to molting?. The whole day it has been in a corner where it made web structures. Thanks
  13. Zarshenyu

    Feeding when premolt?

    Hello :) Maybe it's a dumb question but i still concern to ask.. Should i feed my B. Albo when he's in premolt? Here's how he looks like now. Lately, he likes to move around near the dish. Sometimes he put his leg inside the dish. The humidity is around 80%-90% inside the enclosure...
  14. Zarshenyu

    Should i change the enclo?

    Hello. I have a juvenile male B. Albo. Now i think he's about to molt because his abdomen is pretty bald. Should i change the enclosure before his molt? I'm afraid that he would get stuck because the wrong size of the enclo. The size of enclosure Long: 18 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 8 cm. Thank...
  15. Cavity

    Molted but hasn't come out if webbing?

    Hi, im still fairly new with tarantulas and this is my first molting experience and im a little worried my t isnt okay. My pink toe started her webbing sept. 12 and completely shedded her old exoskeloton Nov. 3 but still hasnt come out of her cocoon... is this okay? She's been in her web...
  16. S

    Brachy with still kicking a month after being trapped in molt

    about a month ago my confirmed female B. bohemi was trapped in her molt and i had to remove it from her but not before damage had been done to 3 of her legs.