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jumping spider

  1. unknown Naphrys sp

    unknown Naphrys sp

    cute lil jumper.
  2. Phidippus californicus high desert morph

    Phidippus californicus high desert morph

    This morph is seldom seen, the thick conspicuous black edge along the anterior rim of the carapace is a way to distinguish this from the similarly colored high desert morph of nikites.
  3. Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 1

    Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 1

    Made a little 2 part video with all my jumping spiders. Next vid will be out next friday since these vids take so long to process oml I'm not an advanced keeper or anything so if I get anything horribly wrong please politely educate me! I love to learn
  4. phidippus nikites

    phidippus nikites

    instar-3 spiderling actual size- 3mm
  5. Sassacus vitis mature male

    Sassacus vitis mature male

    A beautiful tiny metallic greenish-golden species that loves flowers and is often seen resting inside roses, as seen in the photo. They are very shy and generally hide before you can spot them.
  6. P. nikites i3 sling

    P. nikites i3 sling

    this species is highly variable
  7. Jumping spider

    Jumping spider

    Absolutely. Adorable.
  8. J

    Need help identifying this jumping spider i found in my room

  9. yatesmrs

    US For Sale: Phidippus texanus

    I have close to 90 p. texanus slings. They hatched in mid-August and left the nest earlier this month. They will be ready in the next several weeks, depending on their size. Each sling is going for $15, unless you're interested in multiples or bulk. Thanks.
  10. snakebytes4324

    Jumping spider identification

    Hello I’m new to the hobby and I already have two P. Audax spiderlings but recently today I found this other species and I need help identifiying it. If it helps any I live in Southern California. It also appears one of the back legs isn’t working I know I didn’t harm it with the container when...
  11. 20200602_234410.jpg


    Who wouldn't fall in love with those eyes
  12. meganlouised

    Jumping spider (P.Bidentatus) Help!

    Hi everyone, I just got my first Jumping spider, a female P.Bidentatus. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me as the breeder I got her from told me to keep her in an arid set up and also sold me the set up. She’s on sand at the moment and I was told her species likes little to no...
  13. V

    US Looking for Hyllus Giganteus! (Eyelash Jumping Spider)

    Hi! I’m looking for Hyllus Giganteus! (Eyelash Jumping Spider) I’m also looking for Hyllus Diardi! (Heavy Jumping Spider) Female: $0-$35 Male: $0-$35 Thanks! Vince.