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jumping spider

  1. Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon'

    Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon'

    Caught a whopping 22 p. Nikites, along with 6 beautiful P. Californicus (not pictured)
  2. Messua limbata

    Messua limbata

  3. Trouble's Matriarch

    P Audax about to be a mom!

    Well, I should have seen this coming, but I was just hoping our little wild-caught Stranger was a male! I found her in a classroom at my daycare, and took her home to raise as a pet since our current apartment doesn't allow furry friends. Over the last two weeks or more, she has stopped feeding...
  4. J

    Jumping spider eggs helpp

    My jumping spider has just laid eggs I’ve had her for about 2 weeks and I’ve got no idea what to do I don’t even know if they are fertile. I would really appreciate any help I can get.
  5. P audax

    P audax

  6. Found this guy in the car

    Found this guy in the car

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  7. Found this guy in a pot of food

    Found this guy in a pot of food

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  8. Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Adult Female
  9. M

    Not a Tarantula, but can someone sex my juvenile Regius?

    Hi, I’m new here so please forgive me if I’m doing it wrong. I got this beautiful gray Regius at a reptile expo last weekend. My breeder said that its a male, and I usually trust her judgement, but I’m having doubts. What do you think?
  10. phidippus nikites instar 5

    phidippus nikites instar 5

    upon the final 3 molts it will dramatically increase in size.
  11. Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Phidippus regius (soroa)

    Colored pencil, based off a photo I took of one of my new slings. Her name is Anansi
  12. Prized catch.jpg

    Prized catch.jpg

    Today was feeding day and this gal surprised me by completely ignoring the roach I offered her, ran down my arm, and plucked the largest roach out of the feeder cup. She then placidly walked back into her enclosure and feasted. She is now my favorite. (Hyllus diardi)
  13. Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 3

    Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 3

    A few somewhat rarer species! Part 3 of ongoing "meet the jumping spider" vids. Next week will be praying mantises! I do these for fun to introduce people to spiders and different species of them and how I care for them. If I've said anything wrong definitely hit me up as I'm always up to learn
  14. Little jumper

    Little jumper

  15. Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 2

    Jumping Spiders! Spider Collection Feature Part 2

    I started out with two P. regius and it all snowballed from there. Had to do an entire vid on the regius collection since I have so many of them. The color variants really make them special As always if I say something wrong feel free to discuss with me. I'm always open to learn
  16. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    sub adult female Hyllus diardi
  17. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    Sub adult female Hyllus diardi
  18. Hyllus diardi

    Hyllus diardi

    juvenile, possibly sub adult, female Hyllus diardi
  19. phidippus nikites instar 4

    phidippus nikites instar 4

    starting to develop orange color
  20. Habronattus schlingeri

    Habronattus schlingeri

    fairly common in orange county, CA