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jumping spider

  1. Phidippus aureus #2

    Phidippus aureus #2

    a second, darker orange specimen. this is a closeup of the abdomen showcasing the scales A curious thing to note, is these seem to attack males readily far more than any other phidippus species ive ever seen.
  2. Phidippus aureus

    Phidippus aureus

    Golden jumper mature female A beautiful species closely related to nikites and apacheanus- retains its beautiful golden orange color well into adulthood.
  3. Phidippus nikites

    Phidippus nikites

    Mature female Orange form. This is the morph i call 'Mojave neon' it can be blood red, electric yellow or this beautiful fiery orange. The coastal form tends to be more of a brick-red color.
  4. Mascot V2

    Mascot V2

    I guess I'll name him Alex Audax lol
  5. P carneus 'montivagus'

    P carneus 'montivagus'

    Small immature specimen found missing a palp, has molted and regenerated it. The next molt should return it to normal.
  6. Phidippus carneus 'montivagus form'

    Phidippus carneus 'montivagus form'

    Antepenultimate male This morph of carneus is known for its striking vivid red coloration and intense white markings. Both sexes are equally colorful.
  7. Secret phidippus sp.

    Secret phidippus sp.

    They're getting bigger. this is the fourth instar, i presume. they were collected approx. at i3
  8. Phidippus californicus

    Phidippus californicus

    A highly variable species, Californicus was once considered to be six or more different species due to their wide array of colors and dorsal patterns before the 2004 revision to the genus Phidippus, which has rendered many names to be synonyms of other species already known.
  9. Metaphidippus chera

    Metaphidippus chera

    The 'Dear jumper'. Metaphidippus is a genus of dendryphantine salticidae closely related to phidippus and paraphidippus. the genus epithet means 'Beyond phidippus' a reference to said close relation. 'Paraphidippus' can also mean 'beyond', but more accurately translates to 'Beside phidippus'
  10. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    (Juv. Male) Unlike nikites this genus can be more easily sexed at a younger instar.
  11. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    (Female juv.) Similar to and closely related to P. Nikites- Apache jumpers can be somewhat as variable in color.
  12. Phidippus comatus

    Phidippus comatus

    A small but brave juvenile that fearlessly walked up to the forceps and casually accepted a flour beetle larva.
  13. secret phidippus

    secret phidippus

    one of eight specimens collected. hopefully at least one is a male! Cannot release the name til i get some brood going :P
  14. Phidippus johnsoni

    Phidippus johnsoni

    Tiny little 3rd instar sling
  15. Phidippus phoenix

    Phidippus phoenix

    Made it too fuzzy again lol
  16. Colored pencils complete

    Colored pencils complete

    I went a little overboard on the fuzz but still looks good to me lol Phidippus nikites mature female. Will probably draw the male next.
  17. Phidippus Preliminary Pencils

    Phidippus Preliminary Pencils

    gonna take my time with this one!
  18. Habronattus signatus

    Habronattus signatus

    a beautiful habronattus species with a snow-white color. the southern population of which may be a subspecies is mostly pure white. Like all habronattus species, these are terrestrial jumping spiders and mostly spend their time walking around on the ground.
  19. MBullock

    US Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon' now available!

    unsexed immature pairs- $130 Payment via paypal shipping price varies by box size and dimensional weight. I cannot offer these wholesale, i am sorry. This is a desert loving species that actually loves high heat and dryness. they can go much longer without food or water than other...
  20. Phidippus nikites

    Phidippus nikites

    one of many juveniles. I'll be focusing primarily on salticidae for a while. Will be offering some REALLY cool species soon!