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US Phidippus nikites 'mojave neon' now available!


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unsexed immature pairs- $130

Payment via paypal

shipping price varies by box size and dimensional weight. I cannot offer these wholesale, i am sorry.

This is a desert loving species that actually loves high heat and dryness. they can go much longer without food or water than other phidippus species.
They also have the neat characteristic of looking dramatically different with each molt, often looking spectacular on the penultimate instar!

I only need one more sale before i can permanently offer 5.00% off all overnight shipping!

Thank you to all my customers of whom got me to this point, your business is GREATLY appreciated!

Shipping method- FedEx priority/standard overnight

Currently located in Anaheim, CA- Orange county.

Domestic only.
LAG: All specimens guaranteed to arrive healthy and alive. must report DOA within after 5 hours of estimated delivery time.
Unboxing footage is required for proof of DOA UNLESS you bring the deceased specimen(s) to me. Failure to meet this condition results in LAG being null and void.

By failing to inform of DOA in timely manner, you agree that i dont owe you a refund or replacement!

TOS: All sales final, unless DOA occurs. You will either be refunded your money MINUS shipping cost, or a specimen will be replaced MINUS shipping cost!
ALSO- If you wish for me to hold a specimen, there will be a $65 deposit required to ensure you dont waste my time.

Whoever tries to ghost me- i will simply sell to the next person the responds. NO WHINING!

I'll likely be offering a REALLY COOL phidippus soon, along with some other rare species! Follow me to make sure you dont miss out! ;)


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