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grammastola pulchra

  1. J

    I need some advice

    Hey, I got a grammostola pulchra about a month ago and they haven't been eating. I have tried different foods. Now they have been just been laying down on there side or on their stomach for a couple of minutes then running around the enclosure. I'm not sure what to do or what they are doing...
  2. K

    DKS and death curl advice

    Hi, I’ve had my G. pulchra for nearly 5 years. Went on holiday and asked my dad to take care of her. Told him where her food was asked him to try and feed her. However when I came back I noticed Penelope was showing signs of DKS. Her movements were erratic, she seemed confused and when I was...
  3. H

    Molting question update

    Hi again. I had posted a question on behalf of my tarantula potentially molting, but I was concerned with his lack of movement. It has been about 2 weeks since I first noticed it. Since then, there has been no movement from my little guy and I don’t expect to see any movement anytime soon. He...
  4. H

    Molting issue?

    Hi there! I’m a new tarantula keeper in the hobby and I’m a little concerned about my grammostola pulchra. He is a little smaller and has only molted once since I had him. I think he’s in the premolt stage but I’m concerned about his pose and his complete lack of movement-he has stayed in this...
  5. H

    US Grammostola Pulchra Needs Home!

    Hey guys, I have an un-sexed juvenile Grammastola Pulchra. Unfortunately I have to be away for some time and she/he needs a home. My girlfriend is terribly afraid of spiders and at most hydrates the enclosure so I'm looking for a temporary or permanent home. I live in South West Arizona and will...
  6. V

    please help! - bad molt?

    hello, i am a first time tarantula owner who currently has a g. pulchra. i have had this tarantula for about 4 months now, and it finally molted. i noticed behavior was getting strange but didn’t think much of it. then, it entered death curl. i put it into a little ICU based on what i found off...
  7. Sbirtell1

    My Black Beauty….

    Every time I see her I ask her… “Girrrrrl, why you so beautiful?!?” >_< Queen Lilith!!!
  8. Sbirtell1

    Workplace Visit

    Hey y’all! So I took Lilith in to work today. I work at a vet hospital as a vet tech. Unfortunately it’s not an exotic vet hospital, but that’s ok! Lilith got a lot of love from my staff and medical director. Well…Most of them admired her from afar, my medical director held her and one other...
  9. mrsoul1974

    Waiting to flip...

    My G. PULCHRA just molted and waitingto flieje over! You can see the molt in the background.
  10. D


    I BUY G Pulchra MALE/FEMALE !!!!! DM me! Thanks Marcel
  11. B

    3 1/2 G. Pulchra

    3 1/2 pulchra gave me a surprise molt this morning. Any idea on the sex? I am leaning male.
  12. L

    Brazilian Black Sling

    Hi there, I’ve got a question regarding my G. Pulchra sling. He is about 1in right now and is taking forever to molt. He hasn’t molted in nearly 4 months. All of my other slings that are roughly the same size have molted twice in that time. Is it common for this particular species to take so...
  13. B

    G.pulchra first molt with me

    Woke up this morning to see my pulchra molting. First tarantula and first molt. So unsettling to see the first time because I immediately thought she was dead lol.
  14. Big Bottomless Black

    Big Bottomless Black

    Thank you @Casey K. . She has quickly become my favorite of all species. So much personality, hunger, and attitude. Triple B is her name, my little piggy
  15. My little piggie

    My little piggie

    G pulchra female from Casey K
  16. 691F2F7A-07F3-46B4-A176-AE1EE504C4C8.jpeg


    G. Pulchra
  17. 20200228_055459.jpg


    Grammastola pulchra doin it's thing!
  18. 20200216_202150.jpg


    Betsy saying thanks for the worm!
  19. 20200216_202139.jpg


    Grammastola pulchra. Betsy with a worm!