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please help! - bad molt?


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hello, i am a first time tarantula owner who currently has a g. pulchra. i have had this tarantula for about 4 months now, and it finally molted. i noticed behavior was getting strange but didn’t think much of it. then, it entered death curl. i put it into a little ICU based on what i found off of youtube, and it barely regained strength. i watched it move a little today- wondering if this is a bad molt and my poor tarantula broke almost all of its limbs, or if something else is going on. please help me.


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Casey K.

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That is a stress curl. I would put it in a closet or somewhere in a dark area and leave it be for a couple of days. Also, remove the meal worm as it may be adding to the stress. You can offer it food once it regains strength.


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ICUs are generally considered an archaic and incorrect piece of advice. Your T will do better in it's normal environment.
If it's just molted, it shouldn't eat straight away as it's fangs will still be soft.
Sadly slings do tend to die for seemingly no reason. I've had a few pass away, I tend to stick to bigger juveniles now.