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  1. Arekkisu

    A new beginning

    Hello all, Today my partner suprised me today while we were at a tarantula convention and got me my first ever T, which also happens to be my favourite and one I was researching for a couple years now, A cyriopagopus lividus aka...Colbalt blue. I am extremely excited as its my first ever T and...
  2. A

    I need help fitting this enclosure !!

    Hi, im new to the tarantula hobby and i need help, i have a 10" x 6" x 6" enclosure and i would love to put something in it but i'm not sure what. I've heard of the rule where the leg length and width of the enclosure, but i've heard different numbers and different ratios, can someone give me...
  3. O

    My first tarantula, a Tliltocatl Albipilosus light patch

    I have just recently purchased my Nicaraguan Curly Hair sling and today noticed a light patch on their rear. First pic is when I transferred them to a proper enclosure, the second is today. I’ve done some research, but I thought it’d be best to ask here as well. I’m not too sure it’s premolt...
  4. izzp99


    I wanted to ask for any recommended beginner tarantulas, I've done some research and there's a lot of different opinions on this topic. I currently have a curly hair and a brazilian black sling since they seem to be presented as quite docile tarantulas, although my curly hair has a bit of an...
  5. K

    Can a wild Lasiodora become a pet?

    Hi guys, my first post on this nice forum! For some time I am thinking about have a spider. I would like to know, if I go to the wild, capture a young adult Lasiodora sp, provide her proper shelter, water and food, can it survive as a pet? Thanks in advance!
  6. ta122

    Grammostola sp. north

    This little lady was sold to me as a G. rosea, but I'm fairly certain she's a G. sp. north, I'm not disappointed. She's stunning and sweet as can be. Her carapace looks like a champagne gold, light coppery pink or a copper depending on the lighting. I did manage to get 1.2 G. roseas who are...
  7. Cor

    Cor's Collection

    Here's the kids, updated as new ones arrive. The starter set: Ayla was the first tarantula that I got. She's (they're all going to be referred to as she even if they aren't) a Tililtocatl albopilosus. Her name was briefly Pewbs because I thought it was pretty funny. I still think it's...
  8. remington

    G pulchripes vs B hamorii vs T albopilosus

    I'm still trying to choose my first tarantula, and I am squarely stuck between these three. I would get all three, but due to my living situation I can only have one. Which species would you recommend for a college junior living in a small dorm? I plan to start off with a sling from Fear Not Ts...
  9. remington

    Fear Not Tarantulas Full Package

    I just made an account on this site so I apologize if this is not the correct decorum. I do not have any Ts of my own yet, but I have done a ton of research and am looking to get a G. pulchripes as my first one. I was checking out the "full package" from Fear Not Ts and I thought it looked very...
  10. P

    Hi there - new to everything

    Hello there, I thought this would be a good place to learn about the hobby. I currently only own one female phidippus regius and she's my second pet spider ever (both jumping spiders) I'm currently looking into tarantula keeping and trying to decide on species - I was initially intrigued by...
  11. Richieha2012

    Terrestrial Suggestions

    Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about getting another T to add to my little collection. I have an Avicularia Avicularia currently, and am wanting to look at getting a terrestrial species for my second one. Any suggestions on good terrestrial species I can look at? I’d prefer more docile and easier...
  12. S

    What can I use this for?

    I was gifted a zoo med creature habitat about a year ago and I’m at a loss for what to use it for. Would there be any good new world beginner Ts out there that this enclosure could suit?
  13. J

    Hey! Im having a hard time deciding

    I'm a new tarantula keeper and I need help deciding on which species I should get for a beginner,here are some on my list: Brachypelma hamorii (red knee) Grammostola rosea (red rose hair) Grammostola pulcripes (chaco golden knee) Grammostola pulchra (brazillian black) Brachypelma albopisolum...
  14. fido the spido

    How old is my tarantula?

    I recently got my first tarantula in April this year at an expo and completely forgot to ask the vendor how old it was. My t is a Curly hair, Brachypelma Albopilosum (Idk if it’s Nicaragua or Honduran if that matters) and it’s about 2 inches from end to end. It hasn’t molted either and I think...
  15. martiannova

    Moving on from beginner species?

    I've only dabbled in terrestrials so far, and typically only new worlds on the "easy" list (curly hairs, golden knees, etc). When do you know you're ready for the jump into intermediate or more "dangerous" tarantulas? I eventually want ornamental breeds, but after reading an entire thread about...
  16. J

    First Tartulas, need your experienced advice and opinion.

    So, I have decided to become a tarantula collector. I have done my research and learned all the scientific denominations and differences between Ts and how to keep them ( humidity, temperature, sling care, feeding, molting...). I have checked my surroundings and made sure I have everything I...
  17. Inky

    Got my FIRST tarantula

    Hi! I am new and recently just ordered a Brachypelma baumgarteni (Mexican Orange Beauty) 1 1/4", any advice is greatly appreciated. It should come in a few days I am very excited!