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arizona blonde

  1. A

    Considering First Tarantula?

    So I love all animals! Even tarantulas (to my mother disgust even tho I’m an adult, haha). I really want to get my first tarantula..... but for the life of me I can’t stop eyeing the elusive, gorgeous, cobalt blue (C. Lividum). OKAY, away from that pipe dream. I know C. Lividum aren’t...
  2. Luna

    Unsure when to feed my A. Chalcodes.

    Hi! So, going from my beautiful Cobalt to this species, I've noticed I can't tell when she wants to eat! I've only found her in the 'murder time' pose once, otherwise I'm unable to really tell when she's hungry. Anyone have any definitive signs they use? I just toss some dubias in there, but...
  3. Lalalelo94

    Looking Into My First Tarantula

    So as the title suggests I am looking at getting my first Tarantula. I am looking for a female Arizona Blonde. I am aware they have to be adults to sex them but I am super nervous about getting a sling and not being able to properly care for it so feel an adult may be a better place to start...
  4. loganloves

    US Arizona Blonde - Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Have been looking for an Arizona Blonde for the longest time. Most of the online sites that I stumble upon are consistently sold out. If anyone has any slings/juveniles that they are trying to get rid of please please please let me know! If you are close to central Ohio I can travel for pick up...
  5. Quinn

    HELP?! I dropped her.

    So I literally just got a Tucson Blonde Tarantula yesterday. I was told she's about 10 years old, and I would say she's around 3-3'1/2 inches. I had her out on my hand when I was switching her to her new tank and she ran off my hand. She fell about 6-12inches I think. And she landed with her...
  6. Neilwallace

    US I'm looking for a mature Female A.chalcodes (Arizona Blonde)

    hi, i found a mature male A. Chalcodes i don't want him to be left without a mate so if anyone has a mature female A.chalcodes i would like to buy it from you.
  7. spiderpaws

    Aphonopelma Chalcodes First Time Pairing

    Hi, I'm a tarantula lover getting ready for my first tarantula pairing in a couple weeks. I've researched as much as I can about the genus and tarantula breeding in general. Any pointers from experienced breeders would be greatly appreciated :) I am also looking to sell the slings from my...