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What breed would you recommend?


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Well I won't be getting a boxer, but I am getting a corgi. 9 wks old, with its first shots and everything necessary all the way down to registration. I will be training him for agility.


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I was going to get an EBT that looks just like the one in pictures you posted in another thread. By the time I contacted the breeder, she was already sold.
Doesn't surprise me at all. I've got money put aside for a pup, just not ready yet. I'm going to have to pay for shipping etc, there aren't any recognized breeders in my area. Corgis are great dogs, good luck with your new pup.

Kaden Alexander

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As some of you know, my shih tzu of 12 years passed away this past October, and I have been looking to get another dog.

So far I have the opportunity to get any of the following:

American Bully (Classic)
American Bully (exotic)
Basset Hound

I am also looking into the following:

Boston Terrier
Portugese water dog
Bull terrier

Any other recommendations for a good breed I should look into?
I recommend pugs, I have one. Just be careful if you have peanut butter on you...;)


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He's here, but the little guy won't sit still long enough unless he's urinating or dropping a hefty number 2.

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