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US 6 New Poster Designs 11"x17" (High Quality Matte Prints)!

NukaMedia Exotics

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6 New Posters - 11"x17" (High Quality Matte-Prints)

These posters are available featuring 4 different tarantula species and 2 male panther chameleons. This ad has my "NukaMedia Exotics" watermark over them, the actual posters do not have this.
The tarantula species from left to right are Chilobrachys sp. "Electric Blue", Brachypelma boehmei, Poecilotheria striata, and Chilobrachys sp. "Khiri Khan" on bottom. The chameleons are male "Ambilobe" locale Panther chameleons.


Posters are $15 each + $5 flat-rate shipping within the continental USA
(if you're in another area then please contact me to check shipping rates).

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