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  1. NukaMedia Exotics

    US 6 New Poster Designs 11"x17" (High Quality Matte Prints)!

    6 New Posters - 11"x17" (High Quality Matte-Prints) These posters are available featuring 4 different tarantula species and 2 male panther chameleons. This ad has my "NukaMedia Exotics" watermark over them, the actual posters do not have this. The tarantula species from left to right are...
  2. S

    help me ventral sex my Pterinopelma sazimai

  3. thespiderroom

    Tarantulas, True Spiders, Scorpions & Centipedes

    Check out our selection of Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes and other bugs below. Please make sure to check our terms and conditions below. Come visit us in person The Spider Room 8659 Red Oak St Unit B Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 Open: Wed - Fri 12-5pm www.thespiderroom.com UPDATED: 10/7/2020...
  4. Supposed yellow sac spider pt. 2

    Supposed yellow sac spider pt. 2

  5. patricia

    Monthly tarantula magazine!

    Hi everyone - been a member here for a while and love it :) I'm a graphic designer who also happens to LOVE tarantulas! I think it's terrible that every other animal and hobby has a magazine, but there doesn't seem to be one about tarantulas and spiders. So...I'm going to create one and...
  6. T

    Arthropod antics! Discord Server for Arthropod Lovers of all Kinds!

    Hello, enthusiasts of all things small! We are proud to share with you our new discord chat group, Arthropedia!, This server has a place for all arthropod enthusiasts, from crayfish and spiders to ants and bees. We are a very new server looking for active members! Come and help support the...
  7. Bertie88

    So nice to be here :-)

    Thanks to @Phil for recommending this as an alternative forum :-) Having had a scan through the site, I’d like to introduce myself and say hey! Having kept reptiles for many years I finally branched out into the world of tarantulas and more recently, scorpions. Though I kept a secret curly...
  8. patricia

    Beautiful tarantula music videos!

    Hey guys! If you're into artistic/educational videos about tarantulas, I recently discovered the "Bipolar Spider" Vimeo channel - his tarantula/spider videos are SO well done and he really captures their beauty. Here are some of my faves: Hope you love it!
  9. Bugs1

    Europe Tarantulas for sale

    Hi there. We have taratulas for sale, we're a new supplier with great prices.Check us out on the Pookies Invert Supplies facebook page. With Pookie there is a surprise in every box. Were happy to answer questions, and provide starter kits and mystery boxes.
  10. jacob bott

    Help me sex my B. Smithi

    My B. Smithi is a few years old and a leg span around 3'-4' inches. I bought it unsexed so I was wondering if anyone could help me. I know it might be too young but I don't know if it is. Thanks.