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  1. AntrozousPallidus12

    US 2,000+ organic mealworms (Western Mass)

    I have about 2,000+ big organic mealworms (grown on organic wheat bran and organic carrots only) available. Can use to start your own mealworm farm or to feed directly to pets. Can buy smaller quantities for less. PM me for pricing. Can only do direct pickup or meetup in Western Mass. No...
  2. J

    G rosea Male

    i desperately need a male G rosea. Message me if you do. Thanks
  3. K

    US Tarantulas MF, juvies MM

    7/30/2019 I have the following T's available: Adult Females: These girls are BIG AND NICE. Ready to be bred or just simply display! B. boehmei 5' $250 M. robustum 6' $200 L. violaceopes 7' $150 B. auratum 6' GORGEOUS GIRL $400 quite rare. No one really sells these females, especially at...
  4. Pinkyx92

    Tips and Tricks for T enclosures!

    Greetings to all who come across this thread! I would like to share some tips and tricks to having a beautiful T enclosure (can work for most inverts and even reptiles!) 1. Money don't grow on trees, but WOOD/BARK and other awesome decor DO! A lot of vendors sell you decorative pieces they got...
  5. O

    US Large List. Great prices!

    I always do deals on multiple spiders X3 Balfouri 1"- $60 ea X3 Balfouri 1 3/4"-$75 ea X5 B. Hamorii 2 1/2 suspect female-$100 ea X19 C. Hati hati 1"- $40 ea X6 Peruvian purple 1"- $50 ea X10 B. Vagens 3"- $50 ea X4 B. Cabolca 1/2"- $30 ea X2 B. Cabolca 2"- $60 (pair $100) X2 A. Seemani blue...
  6. JSReptilesUK


    Just wanted to drop a message to say hello - I have been an avid exotics keeper for several years now, mostly reptiles but I do now have 15 tarantulas! And although I care for them to the best of my ability, I wanted to come and learn more from the more experienced keepers. My favourites are...
  7. gyromess1200

    New tarantula owner, need really good advice on buying bedding/substrate.

    Hi everyone, my name is Pete furrowes, and I just recently became a new tarantula enthusiast into the hobby. I want to ask regarding substrate for my tarantulas. (I have my last block that I ordered but would like to stock up so I have plenty for a year or 2, this way it saves me time going out...
  8. patricia

    Beautiful tarantula music videos!

    Hey guys! If you're into artistic/educational videos about tarantulas, I recently discovered the "Bipolar Spider" Vimeo channel - his tarantula/spider videos are SO well done and he really captures their beauty. Here are some of my faves: Hope you love it!
  9. Gunnies Spiders

    US AFs C.Perezmilesi,H.Sp Klein,Versi,slings etc!

    For sale: A Few Gems! AF Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 2” 3 years old. Recently molted female in pic! $125 (2 others available) AF Hapalopus Sp Klein 2.5” 3+ years old...Max size! $100 (2 available) Caribeña Versicolor 1.75” Unsexed...Nice sized! Awesome colors $55 Limited Supply!!! Not...
  10. jacob bott

    Help me sex my B. Smithi

    My B. Smithi is a few years old and a leg span around 3'-4' inches. I bought it unsexed so I was wondering if anyone could help me. I know it might be too young but I don't know if it is. Thanks.